Selgora Marketing Automation

Selgora Marketing Automation

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Powerful Email + SMS Marketing Automation for high shop growth

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One Source Of Truth

Automatically syncs all your customer data from Shopify and 1500+ apps in one place so you can offer a personal experience to each customer

An army of marketers

Email? SMS? We do both. Automations can reduce the time you spend on marketing so you can focus on growing your business.

Plug & Play Automation Flows

We created the most important flows for you (cart abandonment, customer win back, cross-sells, review emails) to ease your path to success.

Sobre Selgora Marketing Automation

Are you leaving money on the table?

Making a sale is the beginning of your customer journey, not the end. You have a customer who purchased once and may never come back or could become the next VIP customer, who buys often and tells her friends about your store. Which one do you choose?

If you made the second choice, then we can help. Selgora helps you define your conversion and retention strategy and then automates it. Save a lot of time and make more money on autopilot.

Powerful workflows builder

Our campaign builder is simple to use, yet very powerful. Imagination is the limit on the types of workflows you can create:

  • cart abandonment
  • customer win-back
  • cross-sells, up-sells, review emails
  • campaigns for the next 6 months for your high spenders, VIP customers
  • long-term email and SMS campaign for everyone who buys on BlackFriday, Cyber Monday or Christmas time.
  • send an auto-reminder if the customer didn’t complete payment in 2 days.
  • send a coupon when a customer makes an order over 200$
  • tripwire campaigns: “The conversion of a prospect to a customer, even for $1, is magical.” (@Shopify)
  • welcome series

Communicate on a personal level

Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue. Use customer attributes to create segments, and when someone meets the criteria, they automatically enter that segment. Selgora imports all of your customer data as attributes so you can start segmenting with a click of a button.

We have predefined 20+ segments which you can use right after you register: high spenders, Black Friday purchasers, new customers, potential customers, repeat customers, one time buyers, VIP customers, churn risks, lost customers, recently refunders, customers who made a lot of refunds, high/low average order value, 3 months since last purchase etc.

Powerful Automations

Once you define your sales funnels, you can automate them. Send multivariate testing emails to see which converts better and update customer attributes based on their campaigns. Make automate calculations for LTV and AOV without writing a single line of code. Write text-based emails, use our awesome drag-and-drop email builder (totally different from other apps) or select from our template catalog and build your email fast.

Simple and powerful CRM

Selgora imports all of your customer data from Shopify and allows you to enhance that data with information from other applications via Zapier, our API, CSV imports or web panel so you can have one point of truth for all of your customer information. Anyone from your team can write notes on each customer so you can see who called a customer and what they discussed. View all of the emails sent through Selgora and see what your customers respond to.

Integração com

  • SendGrid,
  • Mailgun,
  • Zapier,
  • Amazon SES,
  • Twilio

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Off the ground


  • Pricing increases based on the number of people.
  • All features enabled
  • Up to 500 contacts
  • 10000 emails / month



  • Up to 2500 customers
  • All features:
  • Email marketing
  • Customer CRM
  • Unlimited segmentation
  • Automation workflows
  • Newsletters
  • Email A/B testing



Pricing increases based on the number of people. Enterprise plan is available with custom IPs and dedicate consulting.

  • All features
  • Up to 5000 contacts
  • Selgora branding is not required

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em USD.
** As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

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