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11 de febrero de 2023

App is too slow to use. Would be better if you could use it for online store not just POS. Also does not sync inventory or can show you data analytics on your products. It uses a quicksale checkout. It looks like I haven't sold a product in so long, but I've just been selling via Unitpricer. They say analytics are available by opening each individual products and opening the app, but my reports are completely empty. I do love the concept but the app ultimately takes too long and makes for an awkward customer interaction.

Earth Garden Farms
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 13 días
Pixelsafari respondió 14 de febrero de 2023

Hi Earth Garden Farms,
thank you for your feedback! I'm very sorry to hear that you had a not optimal experience while using our app.

The loading times depend highly on your device and your Wifi connection. Normally the app loads within 3-4 seconds on the first load of the day and then in 2-3 seconds for subsequent loads. There's not much we can do about it unfortunately as the app loading speed also depends a lot on Shopify POS connecting to our servers.

The missing analytics was actually a bug that happened because of a changed API on Shopify's side. We've fixed it immediately and the analytics are available again. Thank you very much for bringing this up to our attention!

We're planning to release a big update later this year which will also give Unitpricer access to the online store.

Would be great if you can give us another try when you feel ready and contact our support if you have any further issues!

Best regards,

Fecha de modificación: 4 de septiembre de 2020

We have been trying to find an app that allows us to sell items that are priced by the pound at our POS. Since Shopify doesn't currently allow you to enter an item and have the POS prompt you for the price we needed to find an app that allows us to adjust the price...and not just apply a discount

Unitpricer seemed to meet those needs, however, the app adds tax to items that don't currently have tax enabled. We sell apples by the pound which does not require tax. In order to sell that product we have to...

1. Weigh the item on a separate scale
2. Enter the price per pound on that scale to get the sale price
3. Select the item in Shopify
4. Select Unitpricer
5. Adjust the price to match the price on the scale
6. Remove tax from that item after unitpricer adds it back in

While I'm happy to have an option to be able to sell my products, the speed of unitpricer as well as the fact that it adds tax on an non tax item is an issue. I'm worried that one of my staff will not catch this and will upset a customer upon looking at their receipt. Overall a good app, just may not be the best option for those looking for speed or selling items with that don't require tax.

Thank you Unitpricer for your response. Unfortunately, most of the items in our store require tax. It would take much more of an effort to take tax off of all the other items we sell versus just a few specific items. Thank you for providing a solution, I'm sure my situation is different than most. I am in agreement with you that this seems like a pretty logical thing to address in a shopify POS update. I'm sure it will be along at some point, just a frustration as of now.

Gull Meadow Farms
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 2 meses
Pixelsafari respondió 4 de septiembre de 2020

UPDATE 2021:
Unitpricer now supports taxes & tax exemptions on a per product basis.


Original message (2020):

Hi Gull Meadow Farms,

thank you so much for your review! We highly appreciate feedback from our customers. Especially tips about features that do not work as expected helps us to make sure that we improve the right things. Fortunately I have good news in regards to both issues you described in your review:

Tax: There's a workaround for this: You can set the standard tax settings for your products to 0% in your store's tax settings and only apply taxes to the products that actually should be taxed. Since Shopify always applies the standard tax rate to all the products that our app creates, this will fix the issue you described.

We're also working on a new solution that will remove the need for this workaround: Our app has to use Shopify's "Quick Sale Product" feature, which is basically designed for exactly our use case. Unfortunately Shopify doesn't allow setting specific tax rates for quick sale products. We hoped for an update in the new Shopify POS app that has been released recently, but unfortunately it didn't happen. That's why we're already working on a solution for this scenario that we'll release later this year: Our plan is to create new products on the fly which can have the same tax rate like the main product.

25 de septiembre de 2019

I am over the moon excited about the functionality of this app. It was very easy to install and integrate into my existing POS system. Customer service was almost immediate when I had some questions and we resolved them quickly.

The Dapper Dwelling
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 11 meses
19 de junio de 2019

I wish the app was around when I launched our store. We sell a range of meat cuts per gram and previously we had to have the products listed in our POS as the price per gram. This meant at checkout a single packet would have to have a qty equal to the packets total grams.

Unit price cleans all this up and lists products correctly on the receipt. It will also enable us to use inventory per piece because we will no longer have to use that to calculate the price.

Currently, you can only add a single identical product one at a time, But I reached out to support Daniel got back to me in minutes and informed me he will look at fixing this in a future update.

Highly recommend this app to all stores using Shopify POS who need to sell by weight.

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 3 días