Sell Products by Weight in POS

Sell Products by Weight in POS


Add sell by weight & length items directly into your POS cart!

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Sell Decimal Quantities

Put away that calculator! Quickly and easily sell by weight and length using Shopify POS

Powerful Inventory Features

Automatic inventory adjustments and tracking. Unify online and in-store decimal inventory with a single source of truth

Flexible Sales Reporting

Additional supplemental sales reporting available with customizable date range

Sell Products by Weight in POS 정보

Add sell-by-weight and sell-by-length items directly into your Shopify POS cart!

*Note: If you are using Android, the "New" Shopify POS for Android may cause issues with our app. We cannot guarantee smooth functionality with Android devices.

Our app enables stores of all kinds to sell products by weight and length in-person using Shopify POS - farmstands, grocery stores, butcher shops, spice shops, zero waste refill businesses, pet food stores, apothecaries, feed and farm supply stores, fabric outlets, nursery and garden centers, plus many more! Simply enter the total decimal quantity and select your item, and our app will automatically calculate the total price and insert that item into your Shopify POS cart, complete with the product's unit price and total quantity.

Do you need decimal support for a non-weight based unit of measure (e.g., lumber sold per bd/ft)? If so, email us as we may be able to accommodate!

Key features (Point of Sale)

  • Add tax-exempt line-items and products with special tax overrides**
  • Vendor, product type, product cost (COGS) included in Shopify sales reporting**
  • Automatic inventory / stock adjustment (please see FAQ after installing our app)**
  • Input tare (container) weight
  • Create and add custom sale weighed items on the spot
  • Support for lb, kg, oz, and g weight units; pricing per 100g also available
  • Support for international currencies and formatting
  • Scale integration available as add-on feature

**New Shopify POS for iOS (iPhone, iPad) only

Key features (Web, in BETA)

  • View and set a given product's decimal inventory quantity
  • Link preset, fractional variants sold online to a master inventory product, similar to a Bundles-type app, and have it automatically deduct inventory
  • Example: You sell spices online and have set variants of 0.25kg, 0.5kg and 1kg. You would link these variants to a master inventory tracking product, and when customers purchase these variants we deduct the respective quantity from your master inventory product
  • NEW: Online stock availability for a given product is automatically linked to its in-store counterpart

Compatible Scales

  • Scale integration is an add-on feature and also requires a hardware adapter that we sell. Please email us with your store's location and we can provide a list of compatible scales
  • Please note that the DYMO shipping scales sold directly from Shopify are NOT compatible
  • Feature currently not available in Australia

Does your business already have a label-printing scale that prints random weight / price-embedded barcodes? If so, check out our other app in the Shopify App Store ("Price Embedded Barcode Scanner").

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Children's Corner Store

We are a fabric store with an online and retail presence. Shopify has managed our ecommerce for more than 8 years, but the POS was not a solution for us because it was unable to process fractional amounts. We sell a cut of fabric as small as 1/8 yard and this app makes it possible. Bringing all of business (ecommerce and retail) onto the same system which will radically improve our efficiency. Derrick's customer service is unmatched. He is prompt and clear in his responses and solutions. We need more than 5 stars to say how happy we are with this app.


Honestly best customer service ever. Derick is super responsive and will fix any issues as soon as you reach out to him! Really fantastic and I appreciate a lot.

The Local Fill Zero Waste Refill Market

This app was exactly what we were looking for! As a store that sells bulk items online and in-store, this swooped in to fix the missing link for us in Shopify! Now we can sell our bulk and manage our inventory across POS and online! Derrick, the founder and developer, was beyond helpful to us! As we were learning the platform and had questions, he was there to support us every step of the way! We are excited to work with him and see what the app will do next! If you have a sell bulk foods, you'll definitely want to get this app!