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2019년 11월 12일

Please don't be fooled by all the positive reviews. This software has so many problems and issues with the connection between website and marketplaces. Not to mention you will have to wait 24-48 hours to get basic support. If they can't resolve the problem you simply won't hear back from them. If you are a very small company with few SKU's this is a perfect software for you.

WearMe Pro
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2023년 4월 24일에 편집됨

In the year of our lord 2023 do you want to have to check your paid tool's work every day? Do you want customers contacting you because orders haven't been passed to Amazon for fulfillment or tracking has not been passed back to Shopify or eBay? Do you want to return from sick leave or vacation to a logjam of failed orders and upset customers?
If so, Sellbrite is the tool for you!
The rest of us will find it absolutely unacceptable that they haven't figured out how to notify us -their customers- when errors occur (and they will) so that those errors can be resolved. Instead they expect users to log in daily to make sure that everything is working as advertised.

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2022년 8월 22일에 편집됨

The company's software and team are complete garbage. Buyer beware: they take about 200 holidays a year. And besides that, they've taken up to weeks to answer our inquiries. The software hardly works and is littered with errors. On top of all this, when the customer service team does answer you, they don't even look into your inquiry and they just assume the issues you are having without an effort. This laziness manifests itself when they ask you for certain "evidence" that they can very easily search up themselves on your account.

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답글 Sellbrite개 2022년 8월 22일

We apologize that you're still experiencing an issue with our product, and we can confirm that our teams are still actively working with you to provide a resolution as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback. We will pass your comments about your support experience along through the proper internal channels for further review.

2019년 4월 3일

STAY AWAY! this app has serious issues- it can not do what it is supposed to do, import and sync listings. i decided to give it a 2nd try which was a huge mistake. i hate it even more now than i did the first time i tried it.

it loses photos on imports, and does not publish to channels according to the settings (i.e. 'templates') i carefully set on each listing individually. instead it publishes erroneous shipping & return policies, mixes up photos and inventory, resulting in really pissed off customers.

It is also just 'makes stuff up'- seriously, says certain listings are live in channels that don't exist!

But the worst part is the support team- they are awful- make no attempt to help you. you can email 1 question for days and days and all they do is bounce you around from one team member to another (citing that they are a 'small' team) but nobody wants to understand the problem or provide an answer. they dont address anything relevant in their support docs (its all basic) and most of the links are broken anyway.

this app sucks and the support team is 1000 times worse. i have no idea why anyone likes this software.

Style & Horses
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답글 Sellbrite개 2019년 4월 3일

Hi Kate,

As we just discussed by phone, you sent us 2 emails yesterday morning, 5 minutes apart from one another. Each inquiry was fielded by a different agent of our Success Team. Not once did an agent pass you off to anyone else, and all messages were responded to within an hour (our SLA is 24 hours), with the exception of your final message in which you cursed at our team. A few hours later you left this review, all within the span of a single day.

Your issues stemmed 100% from reactivating a 2016 account and turning on the sync functionalities haphazardly. Had either of our agents suspected you just returned to Sellbrite and reactivated the account with its old data (which was not evident in your questions), our answers and suggestions would have been different.

I’m sorry you felt that Sellbrite let you down, but the only thing I can say is that this review really lets us down, as we go above and beyond to make our customers successful and address any issues with swiftness and accuracy, and we did everything right here. I wish you the best of luck in finding a solution that meets your needs.

Mike @ Sellbrite

2020년 7월 5일에 편집됨

This app regularly fails us by not properly updating our shopify store and bot reducing inventory as orders come through. This is causing us to over sell items on amazon, which in turn means we have had to cancel way too many orders. Amazon has already suspended us once before, and now we face suspension again as our cancellation rate has skyrocketed.
Every time I submit support tickets, sellbrite never takes ownership of the issues. It always feels like a "brush off" without any resolution. If this issue was a one off, I wouldn't think to leave this review, but we have been plagued with this issue since the beginning of using sellbrite. I don't get apologies from sellbrite, nor do I feel like their support has done right by us to find the root problem of the ivnentory issues i.e. shopify inventory not properly being updated.

One star for an unreliable app. Find something else

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답글 Sellbrite개 2020년 7월 6일

Justin- apologies for the poor experience you've had with Sellbrite. Your account is configured to pull inventory from your Shopify store, not to update your Shopify store. We're still investigating why your Amazon listings are overselling, but it appears that Sellbrite is updating them properly and we haven't had this issue reported by anyone else, so it's still a bit of a mystery. We certainly do take ownership of any issues our customers are having, and we're committed to your success.

2017년 2월 14일

Removing app after a year, never got anything out of it. Was never clear ow to use really.

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2023년 7월 19일

I have been rather patient with this app to give it a chance...but I highly suggest finding another alternative. The 2-hour update time is ridiculous, causing overselling. And most times the inventory still is still never accurate. Listings from eBay to Shopify do not sync properly. Sellbrite was still pushing out or showing inventory on items that I had at 0 or archived in Shopify. I completely deleted all active listings to prevent overselling several times to re-upload, which is the point of having software like this...but it fails. Small business owners will just have to cough up the money for a good integration, but this one IS NOT THE ONE.

Pink Sweetheart
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답글 Sellbrite개 2023년 7월 24일

We're very sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the app and experiencing an issue with syncing your listings. 2-hour syncs do come standard with the free plan that you’re currently on, but all of our paid plans come with 15-minute sync times. We'll be sure to reach out to you so that we can investigate any issues you’re seeing and work towards getting things working as intended.

Thank you. -Mike

2020년 7월 3일

so many futures are not available for the shopify users like FBA to other channels, very disappointing.

Market Sale
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답글 Sellbrite개 2020년 7월 6일

I'm sorry you feel disappointed by your experience with Sellbrite, but the good news is that you can use our standard edition of Sellbrite which still lets you connect your Shopify store but also gives you all the other features, like FBA. And, we just reduced the prices for that edition, so it's now even more affordable!

There's a good reason why we don't have FBA or other fulfillment features on the Sellbrite for Shopify edition (which is what you're using). With that configuration, Shopify is the master of all your inventory and orders, so connecting FBA to Sellbrite could cause a conflict. Instead, you can connect FBA to Shopify. Or, just use our other configuration.

2022년 4월 4일

Their CS team has lots of issues. They will just make you wait for hours and hours. Maybe it's time to change service providers.

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답글 Sellbrite개 2022년 4월 5일

We're sorry to hear about your negative experience. We can confirm that your case has been escalated, and the appropriate team is working to resolve the issue. You will be notified when there is an update or resolution. Thank you, and we appreciate your feedback.

2018년 9월 20일

If you value your time, stay away from this app. The support is non-existent and delayed. They are good with the initial set up but if you have any issues after (which you will), forget about any timely resolutions. We couldn't publish any listings prior to Labor Day long weekend which is a huge weekend for us on Etsy, and we were told this is a Sellbrite shipping issue and considered a "blocker" and a credit would be provided. So far, after numerous emails, phone calls, nothing. They also effectively bounce you around from one support person to the other, so you sound like a broken record by the end of it. It's an app with significant glitches and it breaks often, it seems like they are working out the kinks on existing users. We used Nembol before and will likely be switching back, it's been such a terrible experience. As I write this, no one has reached out to discuss resolution of any of our issues. The support phone is not tended and the only option is to leave a message which we doubt anyone listens to. We have spent hundreds on an annual subscription thinking this would be better. We are learning that it's never a good idea to purchase an annual subscription before its been soundly tested on your store. Learn from us and stay away from this app.

GOAT Vintage
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