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It pulls in data beautifully. If you want a consolidated picture of the transactions on your sites this is it. It doesn't cross sync and update inventory to prevent overselling a product across multiple platforms though. Youchave to still update each inventory manually. So sell 2 on azon you need to manually gocinto ebay and adjust inventory. Also once products are created there is no easy way to delete them. And there's not an easy filternsydtem to keep from pulling in specific inventory. If you only want 2000 of 1000 products from shopify it will bring all 100p and you will have to sort and filter sellbrite.sp it's all or nothing.

Response to their response: and there it is... it must be the customers fault... nothing attracts a small business owner more than blaming them. We pointed out the problems. Nobody provided an answer that we could follow. It must be our fault. Love it.

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Sellbrite 已回覆 2024年5月8日

Thank you for your feedback! There may have been some confusion as Sellbrite's primary feature is the ability to synchronize inventory across your channels and prevent overselling. If you weren’t seeing your inventory syncing between your channels, then it's possible you may not have had the inventory sync feature enabled. This does need to be enabled after you set up your account so we can start syncing inventory for you. This is to help prevent the system from syncing incorrect quantities to your channels during your setup/onboarding process. We would be happy to assist you in setting up these features if you ever revisit Sellbrite in the future!


The app has functioned just as it's supposed to so far. I'm not the most tech savvy person, I mean I'm not facebook user bad, but E-commerce is definitely a new frontier.

When I got in touch with their online support, they were really helpful in answering my questions and addressing any concerns I had.

American Rod Company
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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our app and our support teams.
We're thrilled to see your 5-star rating. Good luck on your E-Commerce journey! -Mike from Sellbrite


Fantastic support in getting things set up...could not have done it without them! Sharon was super patient while I asked countless questions. Thank you!

The Hat Pros, Inc.
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Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We're happy to hear about your positive experience working with Sharon! -Mike



Thorns Warehouse
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We're always very happy to see a new 5-star review! Thank you for taking the time to provide this rating and review! -Mike


*Final Update* a little kicking a screaming and I got the needed attention. The issue is resolved'
*Update* apparently, I am somehow incorrect in my assessment despite reporting my concern a month ago. Apparently, the ticket was only created 6 days ago. I requested information regarding the ticket but was not provided any information or timeline. I guess customer service kept me informed and was actually trying to fix the issue when it was first reported. My multiple marketplace integrations is actually very important to Sellbright.

I've using this service for quite some time now and it is decent. Makes integrations relatively easy. However, if something goes wrong and the front-line costumer service team doesn't know how to resolve the issue, don't expect much help or information given. Walmart hasn't worked in over a month, and the Sellbrite Customer Service Team is basically ghosting me. Considering taking all my integrations away if I can't get any sort of proper explanation or timeline.

Sock Panda
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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and to post your most recent update. We're happy to hear that the issue has been resolved. -Mike


I have had some problems but every time I write someone, I get a response and they work with me to get the correct response.
It really helps with inventory. Yes, I will admit ebay is slow but it is all on ebay not on Sellbrite. Etsy is always spot on which tells me it is ebay. They just can't seem to keep up. I try to stay on top of inventory which helps Sellbrite know what my inventory is.
Great people to work with.

Platinum So n Sews
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We're very pleased to see this new 5 star rating! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. -Mike


So far the app has worked as designed. I'm using the free plan with the intention of upgrading to a paid version. I took a lot of time and error comparing various different apps and this one by far answered all my concerns.

I contacted online support and they were able to answer and address whatever concerns that I had. They even took the time to educate me on the various functions that would benefit me greatly.

GMBU Apparel
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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our app and our support teams! We're thrilled to see the 5 star rating. -Mike


I recently had a great experience with Sellbrite customer service. I had errors and needed help to automatically list on Walmart, I was in contact with a representative named Sarah. Sarah was very helpful and understanding. She apologized for the inconvenience, did a Loom video showing me how to setup and connect. I am very satisfied with the fast SMS customer service I received, and based on my experience with Sarah I would definitely recommend to others.

Fames Chocolate
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We're thrilled to read about your positive experience working with Sarah. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this rating and review. -Mike


I have to give this company and it's team a five star. This is unusual for me to give such a high rating.

The customer service has been off the hook.

The solutions that have been provided me for multiple listings is exactly what I have been looking for.

Six Mile Quilting
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Thank you very much! We're thrilled to see this 5 star rating and review! -Mike


Sellbrite goes above & beyond the call of duty. I've been with them for about two years now & their customer service is beyond excellent!

Crystal’s Creations
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Thank you very much for this wonderful rating and review! -Mike