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A great app, when it performs correctly. The last 2 years, this app has been plagued with speed issues; often taking 1-2 minutes to load a single page on their browser. its responsiveness to updating things as sold, shipped, in stock, or changes made to the item has also slowed down. The biggest quirk we have with this though; if selling on eBay, it will not reserve a quantity if an offer is accepted, or an item has sold but they have not paid yet. This leads to a large amount of overselling, and has caused us some major complications. We've pointed this out to sellbrite teams and have been told this is a change they cannot make. The amazon interface is also very poorly done. There are much better alternatives out there, and its obvious they set up to do it as cheap and bear bones as possible just to say they have amazon support. Overall customer support is helpful, when you have a problem they can help with.

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Sellbrite 已回覆 2022年11月28日

Hi there, thank you for the review and honest feedback. We'll be passing along your concerns to our Product folks, and someone from our team will be reaching out directly regarding your concerns, some of which have been resolved in the last month!


it works ok, but has a lot of bugs. most of my listings coming in from shopify to etsy come in as errors, so it publishes them but doesn't publish the image. has imported duplicates also so had to pay for these and the developers don't know how to fix as they are aware of this ongoing issue. might switch to another program soon.

Party Love
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Sellbrite 已回覆 2021年11月5日

Hi Jane, thank you for taking the time to write this review. Your case regarding images not publishing to Etsy has been escalated and we'll be following up with you soon.


Get this software if you don't mind contacting customer service almost daily. I've given these guys lots of chances. It's a great idea but their execution is HORRIBLE! Today was the last straw. eBay connection is sporadic. So many orders haven't imported and the support agent wasn't able to do anything about it. To make matters worse, there hardly available on the weekend. There's no way for you as the purchaser of this software to do any kind of order imports yourself, or anything of that nature. Half of the time, my updates to my items do not work and you have to go back into shopify and in their words "change something, and change it back" in order to get it to work. If you're looking for automation, this isn't it. It might be ok if you sell 5-10 orders, but at 100 orders a day or so that we do and almost 500 listings, it's just not worth the stress and headache.

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Tech support is good - responsive, follows up. The problem is the Etsy integration using an older API that for example, won't associate the correct image with variants or worst yet - won't import the alt text you may have applied in Shopify so, you have to reapply all the alt text again in Etsy. Images updated in Shopify for an existing synced listing won't always update in Etsy unless you reopen the listing in the Sellbrite app and push the update. The app has randomly duplicated listings on Etsy that needed to be manually deleted in Etsy. The eBay integration has its own set of issues - for example, the business policies for shipping are not synced in the app so, they get overwritten in eBay. The title for the listings doesn't always stay in sync as the SB app doesn't apply the title template meaning that the old title doesn't get updated. Lastly, the images won't get updated automatically on eBay unless you push the update out again. Overall, the syncing speed is the slowest with Etsy then eBay, and then, WalMart. There are issues with the WalMart integration but, given WalMart Marketplace's repeated problems, it is hard to pinpoint the real reason demonstrated in the Sellbrite app - is it a WalMart issue or is it a Sellbrite issue? The glaring deficiency in tech support is a lack of screen sharing option so, you have to keep sending screenshots through the chat. In 2022, yup, we are still doing legacy tech support. In fairness, so far, every tech support person I have interacted with has been knowledgeable. It is hard to imagine that this is an app sold by GoDaddy. One would hope that with their resources, they would clean this app up.

Pino Shah Antiques
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Sellbrite 已回覆 2022年7月6日

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the app, and for providing us with this specific feedback. We will be happy to share your feedback with our developers for further review. We encourage you to continue working with our live support teams should you experience any issues or if you have any additional questions.


The concept for this app is headed in the correct direction. That being said, there are still many bugs that there is no timeline for fixing. Walmart shipping templates is currently not integrating with Walmart. Anything with a variant needs to have the Parent SKU manually entered (Walmart Listings). Ebay listing have many errors and need to be deleted and recreated. There is no option of fixing errors. Response time is not appropriate and usually not helpful. I have spent triple digit hours trying to fix listing to comply with sales channels. We list on Walmart, Amazon and Ebay

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Sellbrite 已回覆 2022年10月26日

Thank you for your feedback and review. The feature gaps that you have pointed out on the Walmart shipping template have been brought to the attention of our Product team. We are continuing to improve how quickly we get back to customers, and the support team is available to help you if you want to reach out. We will also follow up with you from the support platform to see if there's anything else we can help with. Thank you again for your feedback.


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Die App funktioniert ansonsten super aber das macht sie für mich gänzlich unbrauchbar. Support hat schnell geantwortet aber konnte nicht helfen.

MA 3D Druck
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Sellbrite 已回覆 2023年1月26日

Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, Ihre Erfahrungen mit unserer App zu teilen und dieses Feedback zu geben. Unsere Teams werden sich direkt mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen, um Ihre Anliegen detaillierter zu besprechen. -Mike from Sellbrite

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our app and provide this feedback. Our teams will be reaching out directly to discuss your concerns in more detail. -Mike from Sellbrite


I can do anything to use this Apps because it has all stores in one place but the customer service is the worst worst i have seen so far, no one cares at all, no one will help you, you are just on your own.

beumax shop
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Sellbrite 已回覆 2021年7月2日

Hi Ezinneka, so sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with the app and team. We've escalated your case and will be following up directly to make sure we can get you set up for success and gather relevant feedback.