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Awesome support staff, first and foremost.It is obvious they care about me as a person, not just as a customer.
I need to say separate thank you to Maria and Ted from cusotomer support team.They help me create auto process to relist my products from Shopify to Google Shopping.
The software itself has done just what I needed it to do so far, and the upcoming improvements are really going to round out the package for me.


Perfect. Convenient application.
We use it to publish products on Shopify, Amazon, eBay. Also, automatic price and availability of goods in stock updates on all marketplaces.
Very comfortable, I like it.
Support works perfectly - 10 stars. They respond quickly, resolve issues, and find solutions.

Good luck and prosperity. Thanks for the app.


SellerSkills is a valuable app that efficiently synchronizes inventory across multiple channels. While it has its shortcomings, especially for small businesses, SellerSkills continues to make improvements and provide excellent service to its users.
The onboarding process offered by SellerSkills is commendable. It guides users through the setup seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition to the platform.
The customer support provided by SellerSkills is another highlight of the app. Although response times may vary, their support team exhibits professionalism and dedication. While some patience may be required, the team eventually addresses any concerns or queries effectively. Notably, Maria from their customer support team stands out for her exceptional knowledge and assistance.
Furthermore, one standout feature of SellerSkills is its integration with Google Shopping. This integration allows for a streamlined experience and simplifies the process of managing products on Google's platform.
Overall, SellerSkills is a valuable tool for inventory management, especially for small businesses, and I am satisfied with its performance.

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I have tried most of the so-called eBay connector apps, promising a lot but keep playing the blame game. if they cant do something they will blame it on the other system. Seller Skills have been different since the time i joined and they have been improving a lot. in a very short span of time, they will become the top installed app for marketplace connections. we have a huge inventory and it was very difficult for other apps to do what Seller Skills has done for us. some apps messed up my inventory and active listings and other apps just got my account suspended. I was so worried as I had to cancel more orders than i could ship because of overselling. 15 min Sync time and seamless connectivity are what i have for all my accounts. I thank Paul and Maria for their extraordinary support in making this happen.

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Thank you for the great review!

We're happy you're pleased with both our app and support. We work hard on both!

Thank you that chose SellerSkills


Good people to work with. Works with you to fix any problems. App is easy to use and set up. Thank you!

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This is just a great app to work with.
Strongly recommend those who are looking for scaling a business.

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Thanks for your review.
Please check our last updates about ETSY, Google shopping connections.


I have used nembol, Codisto, Ebay, Inkfrog, and others but they couldnt match my requirements. they claimed many things but their apps are not built to handle large inventories and multiple accounts like mine. Some messed up my ebay accounts, some just got my account suspended. When I came to seller skills i wasnt sure if they would be able to manage such large inventories but i am amazed. they not only managing multiple ebay accounts but they also did a lot of customization for us. now i feel confident that i have the best app to manage multiple ebay accounts. Thanks to Paul and Maria they are very helpful and knowledgeable.

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Thanks for your review.

We appreciate your great feedback of our team, support, and solution.
Thanks for using SellerSkills :)


As we are new at testing SellerSkills app, we came across a few hurdles trying to connect with our Etsy store and some other areas that had a few bugs in their app. However Lucy from SellerSkills has been nothing short of being one of the best support specialists we've ever come across. She took the time to go through all our concerns and address them one by one with very useful information. She also provided video guide responses to our questions which was so helpful. Lucy also arranged to have the bugs in their app that we raised fixed in such a short time and further enhanced the SellerSkill app to offer better and easier options. There is still some room for improvement but when comparing this app to many others on the app store, SellerSkills takes the cake. They will take on new suggestions and actually apply it and respond with proper support. We highly recommend SellerSkills and we will continue to use their services happily. Thanks so much, Lucy