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SEMBLY - print & ship shirts on demand

SEMBLY - print & ship shirts on demand

Developed by Sembly

13 reviews
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  • Automated Process — we automatically process your orders to get them to your customers faster.
  • Low Prices — high quality garments for cheap
  • No Minimum Order — we’ll ship any order, even if it’s just one item

T-Shirt Printing on Demand

SEMBLY is a system that allows you to print and ship items automatically. We print, pack and ship everything — even if it’s one item. Our state-of-the-art printing facility in Los Angeles and experienced staff are ready to make your experience as smooth as possible.

How It Works

By connecting SEMBLY to your store, you’ll automatically push all your orders into production. From there, we’ll take care of everything: printing, packing and shipping. Even if it’s an order of just one item.

• Click the “Get” button to connect SEMBLY to your store.

• Upload your designs

• Publish products to Shopify

• Start selling your stuff

From there, we print, pack and ship any orders you receive from our California facility. We automatically provide your customers with a tracking number, and everything appears as if it’s been shipped directly from you.

If you’re unsure about the process, check our how to page to help you get up to speed. And you can always contact support@sembly.run

Low Pricing

Here is a partial list of our bestsellers. Pricing is based on selling 100 per week with an unlimited number of designs. See our full pricelist.

• Hanes Tagless T-Shirt = $11.80 shirt

• Gildan 2000L Womens T-Shirt = $12.40 per shirt

• Jerzees 996 Hoodie = $20 per hoodie

• Gildan 18000 Crewneck Sweatshirt = $17.20 per sweatshirt

• Cotton Canvas Tote Bags = $10.50 per tote bag


The SEMBLY system was created to be especially efficient. We offer the lowest prices possible on our products, which allows you to maximize your profits by setting your own price. Our pricing is based on the number of units sold per week, so the more you sell in a given week, the larger your profits will be.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about setting up or using SEMBLY, you are always welcome to send us an e-mail at support@sembly.run.

SEMBLY - print & ship shirts on demand reviews

13 reviews
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I am beyond frustrated. This is the 2nd time I had a shirt ordered and it was not processed. The first time I gave the benefit of the doubt. They told me it was shipped out and provided me with a tracking number for something in Australia. I told them I was upset because it was going on week 4! I had to refund my customer to keep them satisfied and even told them that. Now here I am with my second order. My customer was asking about it. The order was placed on 8/18/17 and still has not been processed. When I click on the app in shopify, it is a bunch of code. I contacted Shopify and they told me they are in Beta Testing and to use at my own risk. Wish I had known that. I am very disappointed since they offer certain styles you can't get other places. I am deleting this app today. Best of luck! (I HATE leaving reviews. Especially bad ones)


▶This is our experience using SEMBLY from March 27th 2017 to July 30th 2017, even though the last order was made on June 11th 2017 and wasn't fulfilled until July 28th 2017◄

We gave them several months to get familiar with our products, worst decision we've ever made.

Worst Print on Demand app we have ever used. Extremely unprofessional.


They "offer" many high fashion options but be wary!! They order them from the suppliers as they go, they don't have stock and we have been told by their staff that they don't even get fulfilled by them. Every time a customer orders from you, they won't process it until next week's Monday, so apart from the time that the garment takes to get to SEMBLY from the supplier you have to add the extra days that, that order will sit without updates. THEY DON'T TAKE 2 TO 10 WORKING DAYS,WE HAVE/HAD ORDERS WAITING FOR 2 MONTHS, their answer: You (us) get products that are low in stock on the supplier so they take longer. OUR ANSWER: "Then why do you offer them!?"
They order the garments on Mondays like I've mentioned and they supposedly send them out every Friday. NOT OUR CASE. They won't even fulfil them or update you on what's happening, so your customer patience will run out.
When a garment is discontinued from the supplier, no one from SEMBLY will contact you until weeks later and then apart from the fact that your customer is upset because of fulfilment times, now you don't have the t-shirt on the style they wanted, so 5 out of 10 they will want a refund. And is not 10 out of 10 because they love our designs and they want to support the charities we promote.

We have colorful designs that we can't print using screen printing so we really need a great DOG manufacturer.
We got sample from SEMBLY and the quality was great! Time has gone by and our customers started complaining about the faded designs.
If a garment is not 100% cotton and the print is peeling off the garment, SEMBLY WILL NOT REPLACE IT, you will have to pay for the replacement and it won't get processed with urgency, it will go to the pile of orders that are not getting fulfilled.

If you only sell a couple of products is fine because it will probably take you a few hours to sync your store, but if you have 50 or more, prepare yourself for a nightmare.
You have to first create the product on SEMBLY. Give it the same name your file has (example:blabla_AA1070_purpledog_white), your customers will see this name on their invoices in the package, even thought Sembly says they won't.

Then you have to create a PNG of your design small enough to fit their preview image.

Then you choose the garment you want from their list and then, you choose the sizes and colors. But here is another issue, they offer sizes that are not available for that garment. For example: we choose an Alternative Apparel 1070 Unisex short sleeve t-shirt, on Sembly, you can choose until 5XL, but the supplier only offers it until size 2XL (Sembly doesn't give you this information) so if you are unfamiliar with the garment and you trust Sembly, and offer all the sizes they let you choose from, you will have to refund your customers when they offer a 5XL.

When SEMBLY finally ships an order, if the order has more than 1 garment, your order will show partially fulfilled and your customer will be wondering what happened to the rest of your order. Then on top of that, you will have to go through all the orders and send an extra email to your customer with the same shipping number for the rest of the items, making you look like an amateur.

This is were it gets even worst, because we can't explain to our customers when the order will be shipped because SEMBLY will ignore your emails and calls. On the minute that you start having issues with shipment and fulfilment, Josh (the owner) will be unavailable or out of the office and you will get told, that he will call you later, you can keep waiting! It will probably won't happen.
For the last month Lucero, has been answering our emails and taking our calls, but we have been lied to too many times, and I'm afraid that the information she gives us when the orders don't get fulfilled are what the owner, Josh, tells her to tell us. We have been told that an order will be send out on a Friday and they don't.

They will charge your account on Mondays, the same day they place the orders from your last week's orders, if you are 1 hour late on payment because they payments from your payment gateaways haven't made it to your account yet, expect your orders to be delayed 1 more week.

We have lost 100s of customers. Even though we have been doing this for years, we now look like amateurs and liars, because our fulfilment times are 10 days to 2 months instead of 2 to 7 working days like it use to be before we chose to use Sembly.
If you are a small family business like us, and you are the one responding emails, prepare yourself to do that ALL DAY. We get emails and social media messages, complaining over and over again about our poorly customer service because our orders will stay unfulfilled for weeks/months.
We had probably no more than 10 refunds in 2 years, with Sembly 28 in 3 months.
Sembly aka Level Press Ink has done the impossible to ruin our reputation and we have lost revenue and customers.


Not pleased with this company really, they seemed like they would be good but they do not return your e-mails and they increased their pricing without letting their customers know. Not pleased at all. Printful may be more expensive to work with but at least they're good about customer service.


I have a customer still waiting on a shirt from Sembly. Josh has been in contact with me and the emails are short and make no sense. No explanations on why my customer has not received their order.

Loved the products I did receive from them. However I've had much more success with Printful. Printing is fast, shipping great. Customer service incredible.


I want to be fair and offer five stars since I only downloaded the app and did not order any items.

The reason I didn't order:
No drag and drop
No mock-ups (right away...)
Too many choices and no bulk editor (that was readily apparent)
Not integrated into Shopify as I have been accustomed to with other apps

The products look sweet and I wish these guys the best of luck!! I really can't wait to see your final release version!



From the moment I made contact with the lovely peeps at Sembly - They were incredibly helpful, responsive, friendly and generally awesome. Josh (the founder) has reached out to me and we had a chat, as I had load of questions, he is super ace. I work with people I like, it's a vibe thing.
I am about to run some samples with Josh and his team, I have every faith that they will do a great job. He has gone above and and beyond already with my requests.
I would recommend Sembly for sure.

Peace - No Fixed Abode


Sunny is incredibly helpful and Josh has always been there for us since day one. I would not use anyone else, they are the best.



First off, I have to say right away that Sembly Customer service is great. They are super responsive. I believe that they truly enjoy doing what they do. They also have a ton of experience with artwork prep and screen printing as well as digital printing. A lot of my shirts will be printed digitally, but now that I see the price break is so good when I sell more than 20 shirts a week screen printing, I'm going to add a bunch more designs that will be screen printed. It's hard to find a t-shirt printing company that prints on demand, made to order and handles the fulfillment. Sunny told me the difference between screen printing and digital printing and had a ton of knowledge about every step of the entire process. Looking forward to scaling my shop with these guys.


App of my choice because of the pricing and variety of garments.


I just switched to sembly from another fulfillment app about a month ago. Love the way they do their business! I get a lot of help with my designs and product setup. Quick answers, prices are goooood. What else do I need?



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