Drive Mobile Users to Generate Mobile Sales via Text Message

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Connect With Your Customers

Communicate with your customers using the newest application in conversational commerce technology available to Shopify store owners

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Alert consumers via their mobile text messaging device of an abandoned cart, with a 90% SMS/MMS open rate

Data Driven Analytics

Track conversion rates and customer insights of all Send2MobilePLus features via Mission Controls. Created for Merchants by Merchants

Send2MobilePlus 정보

Send2MobilePlus helps Shopify E-commerce businesses grow their sales through the newest technology in mobile conversational commerce.

Send2MobilePlus allows your customers to interact with your Shopify webstore products right from their mobile messaging application by utilzing SMS/MMS messaging.

What is Send2MobilePlus?

Created by a father and son duo who own a multitude of businesses, Send2MobilePlus was made as a solution to connecting store owners with their customers directly via mobile messaging. Once enabled on any product page, Send2MobilePlus's 4 core features allow your Shopify webstore customers to interact and transact via mobile message.

1. Send2Mobile

With the Send2Mobile (S2M) feature, customers can send products from your E-commerce site directly to their mobile device by clicking the feature's button on any product page and then inputting their mobile number. From there, consumers can complete their purchase, bookmark products, and/or share products they are interested in via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

2. Let Me Know

The Let Me Know (LMK) feature sends a mobile text message to your customers when there is a price drop or a product back in stock. Let Me Know is a powerful solution to allow your customers to interact with your brand on a per product basis and transact via mobile message.

  • LMK Back in Stock: Customers receive alert messages when a current "out of stock" product is re-supplied. Consumers can simply "buy now" to complete their purchase
  • LMK Price Down: Customers receive alert messages when a desired product's price drops

3. Make An Offer

The Make an Offer (MAO) with Send2MobilePlus allows Shopify store owners to create an interactive "auction-like" environment for their customers. When MAO is activated on a product page, customers can make real-time offers sent directly to Shopify owners via SMS/MMS. From there, Shopify owners can decide whether to accept the offer, reject the offer or counter the offer with one of their own.

  • MAO allows a "minimum price" where offers received at or above a set desired price are automatically accepted

4. Abandon Cart SMS

Alert consumers via text message of an Abandoned Cart (AC) and an abandoned product page! Shopify store owners can set intervals in which AC messages are sent

  • FUN FACT: Abandoned Cart text messages on average have a 95% open rate, while email only has a 20% open rate!

Our Other Robust Features

Send2MobilePlus has over 30 additional features that your Shopify store can use to increase sales conversion rates, boost site traffic and create an unrivaled interactive buying experience for your customers

  • Check out our application website for more information on our features, pricing and more!


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  • 500 SMS/MMS
  • Unlimited contacts
  • S2M, LMK, MAO, AC features
  • Branded messaging



  • 1,000 SMS/MMS
  • Unlimited contacts
  • S2M, LMK, MAO, AC features
  • Branded messaging
  • Facebook IMS Integration



  • 5,000 SMS/MMS
  • Unlimited contacts
  • S2M, LMK, MAO, AC features
  • Branded messaging
  • Facebook IMS Intergration
  • 24/7 Email Support

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가장 최근 리뷰

Magick Planet

This application won't load, have been trying for almost 8+ hours - not sure if this app still works.

Sargent Door Hardware

Great product very innovative. Make an Offer is great for our clearance items. Customer service via email is great

개발자 회신

2019년 5월 22일

Thank you for your review! We strive to give our customers the best experience we can. Glad our "Make an Offer" feature could help convert sales for your clearance items!

Rixson Pivots

Great app. Abandon carts via sms helped our conversion by 11.5% . Being able to connect with our customers mobile text is a big plus. A little bit of on boarding time assigning send2mobile, let me know or mao to a product page but worth it. I'd like to see a better sorting options for assigning per product so i do not have to scroll through all.

개발자 회신

2019년 5월 22일

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad our "Abandon Cart SMS" helped increase sales conversion rates. We are currently updating our "Bulk Edit" options for assigning Send2MobilePlus features to products to boost efficiency and usability.