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23. september 2021

What can I say, a shipping tool that does not give accurate shipping prices for shipping destinations (leading to higher charges later and unknown at the time of sending). You better not have to send multiple packages for a single order to a destination where customs are charged. Dimensional weight? Not a thing in this app. If you only send small, single packages per order, it might work well for you, but it just lacks a lot of functions that I would expect from a shipping app.

Nesten 2 år bruker appen
Redigert 20. oktober 2016

I was happy with this app and the service until one of my packages got lost. I followed the complaint procedure (started in March 2016) and I'm still waiting for my money. Very time consuming and disappointing.

Over 1 år bruker appen
12. juli 2021

Sendcloud ist gut solange man keine Probleme, Versicherungsfälle oder ein hohes Sendungsaufkommen hat. Sobald dies der Fall ist, ist man Gefangener zwischen DPD und Sendcloud. Erster Negativpunkt: Es werden ständig nachträglich Zusatzgebühren von der DPD eingefordert für Pakete die angeblich zu schwer (mehr als 5kg), jedoch können all unsere Pakete nicht mehr als 1kg wiegen. Widersprüche werden schlichtweg über Monate hinweg nicht beantwortet, DPD behält das Geld ein und Sendcloud verlangt es trotzdem ein (AUCH PER INKASSO!), anstatt es zurückzuhalten. Zweiter Negativpunkt: Jeder Versicherungsfall, aber auch wirklich jeder Versicherungsfall wird von der DPD abgelehnt, auf Grund von angeblich unausreichender Verpackung. Komisch, dass wir damit bei DHL nie Probleme haben. Auch hier werden Gelder von Sendcloud verlangt, keine Versichungssumme ausgezahlt und Sendcloud hält das Geld gegenüber der DPD nicht zurück, sondern lässt die Fälle über Monate hinweg einfach versickern. Dritter Negativpunkt: Ansprechpartner ist Sendcloud, Vertragsnehmer bei Auszahlungen aber angeblich die DPD, bei Zahlungen sieht es aber wieder anders aus, diese werden rigoros von Sendcloud (nicht der DPD) eingefordert. Man hat hier also absolut keine Machthabe, und die Gesetze des BGBs (z.B. Zurückbehaltungsrecht) meint Sendcloud mit ihren AGBs ausgeschlossen zu haben. Absolut nicht zu empfehlen!

Over 1 år bruker appen
17. januar 2023

Une catastrophe pour les points relais, si vous souhaitez contacter vos clients à chaque commande pour demander leur point relais car l'appli crashe, allez-y, cette appli est pour vous !

Over 1 år bruker appen
28. oktober 2022

Terrible Service. I have been waiting for weeks for an update from the customer service team and no one is getting back to me. I have been told I would be able to use my credit card and have not been able to post a successful payment due to the app processing system for payments having errors. I have had my shipping interrupted twice and the month of October and cannot afford to continue to have this issue, we just need help processing our payment on our card as we usually would and this cannot be resolved the whole month of October. Will need to cancel if this persists.

Ultra PRO International Euro
11 måneder bruker appen
30. desember 2019

Very happy in the beginning. Till I realized all my Customer dashboards are showing wrong shipping information to my Customer. By "all" I mean for at least all my latest 60 orders. I started receiving Customer complaints. The shipping dates shown to my Customer on the sendcloud dashboard, were 3 weeks ahead of the actual shipping dates!!
I contacted the Customer Service and they explained this is a known bug, and this can only be fixed for the future orders. I had just to deactivate and activate a page to fix it. As a Customer I expect if there is a known bug in the system, I will be informed asap of such bug. Is it so difficult to inform via Newsletter all your Customers about this problem? If sendcloud can´t do his basic job (showing shipping information to the Customer) and is not able to inform his Customers about this, the app is not worth the price.

I understand bugs can happen, but not informing your Customers about it to be able to fix it, is just unacceptable.

Please, KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS UPDATED ON ANY BUGS AND REQUIRED ACTIONS to avoid such bad user experiences like mine.

Therefore 1 star review.

10 måneder bruker appen
17. november 2021

Le produit est génial, mais je ne recommande pas de l'utiliser car il y a un gros problème avec la connexion avec UPS, ce qui réduit considérablement la satisfaction du client de votre entreprise. Le client reçoit une notification indiquant que la commande sera livrée demain, alors que l'étiquette vient d'être imprimée dans Sendcloud. C'est très problématique et nous avons déjà contacté Sendcould plusieurs fois, pour qu'on nous dise de contacter UPS, ce qui n'est toujours pas résolu. Si vous n'apportez pas d'améliorations immédiates, nous cesserons de l'utiliser car cela cause beaucoup de désagréments à nos clients. Merci pour votre support rapide.

Wakaze Sake
9 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 20. august 2021

I am facing a huge problem with the company. They charged me a ton of labels that were never shipped. That means they charge labels only but for the cost of shipping which sound crazy! If you change one word they consider its a new label and so on and so on... No way to get a refund from them as my labels are more than 6 weeks old. Customer service pretends not to understand the situation and keeps trying to charge me undue fees! STAY AWAY

6 måneder bruker appen
16. februar 2023

Une catastrophe pour les points relais, si vous souhaitez contacter vos clients à chaque commande pour demander leur point relais car l'appli crashe, allez-y, cette appli est pour vous !

5 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 29. mars 2021

Unfortunately, at this point I cannot recommend Sendcloud. I have been trying to keep the conversation up to fix the integration issues that I am still having with SoundCloud and Shopify. I don't know why. I reached out for support to fix the integration. Customer service is responding after 1-2 weeks. After the first response almost a week later, I got another response after more than another week saying the problem has been fixed. It is still the same though. I told them and since last week I haven't gotten any further response. I purchased a yearly subscription and at this point, after more than 6 weeks the problem not being solved nor am I efficiently being helped or got offered a refund, I cannot recommend it due to a very poor customer service.
Integration issues happen and are fixable. Bad customer service. Not good. Adding: Just read the other poor reviews and I am facing the exact same problems. Guys if you have problems with integrations okay, but at least own it and show responsibility. That's a genuine human trait that we all should aim for. Provide a friendly customer service that is listening and at least trying to be helpful.

2 måneder bruker appen
SendCloud svarte 1. april 2021

Hi, thanks for reaching out to us with your feedback and experience! I'm sorry you had issues integrating SendCloud and Shopify. I will ask our support team to reach out to you asap.

We're really focused on our support team and making sure that they're providing the best possible experience so it's great that you've brought this up as an area of improvement. We want all of our customers to be able to get in touch with us quickly when they need assistance - especially those who have been waiting a while already!