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22 mai 2023

Horrible Service.

I increased my subscription to telephone support last week.

What happened:
Friday - not working
Today - waiting line too full, no chance to get through. Tried it 10 times today.

When you think chatting is an option - no there is no chat.
MAybe e-mail is an option. If you can wait at least 4 weeks for a reply that is an option. No joke in average the waiting time is 4 weeks... last time it was 8 weeks. I have long forgotten that I have asked them something.

And support is needed, because this app doesn't work properly with shopify. Better don't waste your time and witch to Klaviyo.
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6 février 2023

useless, this addon auto import customer contact to blacklist. Can not find the way to setting the right way

Gigago eSIM
Viêt Nam
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Modifié le 12 septembre 2022

Update #1: Dear Dule,
Thank You for your prompt reply! Please be informed that before sending the "Autumn Super Sale" campaign to our subscribers, your application checked and sorted all our contacts, namely 21052 subscribers. After that, we have 15,163 real subscribers left. Only after that we were able to send our "Autumn Super Sale" campaign to our subscribers (15,163 customers). But only 948 subscribers got it. The problem is in your application - in the technical part of it, and until you fix the reason why your email delivery rate is 6,25% but not 99.55% like most of applications, you will only receive negative reviews from dissatisfied customers. Thank You for your understanding! Dzmitry Pazniak

Scandinavian Goods
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Sendinblue a répondu 12 septembre 2022

Hi Dzmitry,

I'm very sorry to hear that you had a poor experience. I sincerely hope you are able to find a solution that is more suitable for your needs. As our support indicated in the last reply, your plan is canceled and we initiated a full refund.

To give further context,... in order to optimize deliverability for Sendinblue customers, you can send campaigns only to the opt-in contacts. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do, and it is just as important for us to protect your reputation as it is to protect our sending infrastructure.

Again, thanks for trying Sendinblue and we wish you all the best.


8 août 2022

Ce plugin est vraiment mauvais, il installe un script qui ne fonctionne pas correctement. Ne perdez pas votre temps ! Les évènements d'ajout aux paniers et de finalisation de commande ne remonte pas correctement à Sendinblue ce qui le rend inutile. Ca fait plus de 15 jours que j'échange avec le support client, ils ne sont pas capable de trouver une solution. Quand vous leur posé une question ils adorent répondre à côté, ou ne pas répondre à votre question...! Ils m'ont demandé de créer un accès staging à mon backoffice. Mais je suis pas développeur !! Ils ne s'adaptent pas aux clients. J'ai finis par laisser tomber et aller sur une application qui fonctionne parfaitement et que je recommande : SENDVIO

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 12 jours
12 juillet 2022

Das Tool zur Erstellung von Mals funktioniert. Leider hört es damit auch an. Der Import der Kontakte ist nicht DSGV-Konform und der Support mit Abstand der schlechteste, den ich jemals erlebt habe. Anstatt zu helfen, dreht man sich im Kreis. In der letzten Mail hieß es plötzlich, shopify hätte Probleme beim Import. Da fragt, man sich schon, warum das nicht behoben wird. Das bedeutet, dass die App für Kunden nicht nutzbar ist.

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 11 mois
13 juin 2022

CRM funktioniert nicht! Keine Bestell-Daten für B2C Ecommerce werden übertragen. Kundenservice und IT konnten monatelang keine Lösung finden.

Third of Life
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Sendinblue a répondu 13 juin 2022

Hi there, thanks for the feedback. Our growth & integrations team will reach out to you and see if we can get some of your issues resolved. Look for an email from Dulé in your inbox soon.

8 juin 2022

They want an unrealistic open rate of 10% for the emails, we've been in business for over 10 years and when we imported all our contacts to this service obviously they are going to be thousands of emails, probably from customers that doesn't remember us or that the email is no longer working. They put our very first campaign on pause and suspended the account. They are impossible to work with and wanted us to segment and manually review over 100,000 emails to make sure they are still good, like are you for real? Don't even bother setting up the account, unless you have only 50 contacts only they will cancel your account.

Premier Table Linens
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 3 mois
Sendinblue a répondu 9 juin 2022

Hi Lilian, thank you very much for taking the time to write a review about your experience with Sendinblue. I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy, I will ensure our team reaches out shortly to provide you a refund.

In order to optimize deliverability for all of our customers, and protect your brand reputation as well, we need to take care of our sending infrastructure.

Our recommendation is to remove contacts that you didn't engage with in the past two years and create customer segments on Shopify.

Why? Not every contact in your mailing list is equal. A good start would be to use the following:
1. potential customers (who haven’t made a purchase yet)
2. new customers (just made their first purchase)
3. loyal customers (who have made many purchases)
4. inactive customers (haven’t made any purchases in a while)

You can then export the customer CSV file and import it to Sendinblue. Please use segmentation OR filters to select the unengaged contacts and add them to the blacklist.

Thank you for trying Sendinblue and we wish you all the best.


14 avril 2022

I am using SendinBlue since 2 years and I am happy with the product. But i am not happy with this plugin for shopify. The Support was great, but this plugin does not meet my expectations. I was not able to import all my Contacts from shopify. I was not able to import any orders from shopify Now I am using INTEGRAMAT to upload all my contacts and Orders.

Kulinarische Schnitzeljagd
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1 décembre 2021

Great app until something breaks. For weeks a technical error on their side has prevented several hundred users from unsubscribing. Their handling has been atrocious with sending over sensitive client data in cleartext and not proactively notifying us. We've been asked to manually validate hundreds of emails without any refunds being offered.

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Modifié le 31 décembre 2021

Update #2:
So they re-enabled my account and got me to change my review to a more positive one. Surprise! Two ecards later, suspended again. So I'm giving up. They have unrealistic open expectations. Basically useless unless you are some kind of marketing super power don't bother with the set-up. Too bad. Update: I have updated my star rating to five stars. Sendinblue has reached out to me, which I appreciate, and we are giving it another go. As I said in my initial review, it is a very intuitive app for Shopify and overall I have had great success. It's easy to use and provides a good selection of tools. The issue with open rates is tricky for them and I understand their need to help prevent spam. Hopefully, by segmenting my lists better I can avoid the dreaded suspension. If you use them, think out your touch points carefully to maximize effect and to avoid appearing spammy. Initial review:
Unless you have a 8% open rate on every email, don't bother using them. My account was suspended the day before Thanksgiving after over two years of use because my last two emails didn't get an open rate of 8%. I sell a single high value item that has a very long purchase cycle. People just don't open every email unless they are ready to buy. My small list is strictly from sign ups with an email to opt out. Sendinblue reinstated my account for a single email then suspended it again because under 8% open. Now what? I have to reconfigure my site with a new provider. Thanks Sendinblue! On a positive note, it has been an easy to use system that integrates well with Shopify. Unfortunately, they are not suitable to use unless you expect miraculous open rates. I would have voted five stars for them but alas... appears they love their brand more than mine.

Real Bed
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Sendinblue a répondu 30 novembre 2021

Hi there,

Dulé here from Sendinblue, I hope this response finds you well!

Sarah from our support team reached out to you (ticket 2685852) and your account is validated.

We like your brand a lot and it is super important to get a good night's sleep 🛏️.

Your feedback is appreciated and our north star is doing what is best for our customers. Hope we can make others more comfortable knowing they’ll get the support they need should an issue with our services arise.

Stay healthy, stay safe.