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13 novembre 2019

Terrible app and service. What a joke! Read all the terrible reviews but still decided to give them the benefit of doubt, so I downloaded the app and paid for the premium plan. As soon as I downloaded the app and tried to sync my contacts, the app would not load (contacts would not import). I called in to tech support and they opened a ticket for me. I was asked to provide them with my Send in Blue login details which I did at the time when the ticket was opened. A week later the issue has still not been fixed. I followed up with their staff and later I get an email that they require my "personal" login access to my Shopify admin back-end (.... are you serious??)... that is SOOO sketchy. Still in the process of getting this resolved, getting ready to pull the plug and call my bank to initiate a chargeback! Stay away from this company. Oh and by the way, I am no longer able to connect to their staff for some reason. Whenever I call in I just get routed to a voicemail saying they are busy. Terrible CS and their developers are in India (they don't give a ****). Horrible, dreadful and time-consuming experience so far.........

Shark Find
7 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Brevo a répondu 15 novembre 2019

Dear David,

I'm Thu Hien and I'm the Product Manager for integrations (some teammates call me the plugin wizard!) at Sendinblue. I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us, but we really appreciate your feedback—it's how we always continue to improve! Thanks to your feedback we have updated how we handle this type of cases, we are working closely with Shopify to make sure we give you and to all our Shopify users a seamless experience—thank you again.

I already sent you an email to follow up your case, and I personally will assist you in connecting your Shopify store with Sendinblue plugin.

I hope that your negative experience hasn't completely deterred you from coming back to Sendinblue.

I am looking forward to continue working with you! :)

Thu Hien

1 avril 2019

App doesn't function. Locks up, times out, have no option but to close the browser window. No customer service. Just email and wait. No thanks.
5 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Brevo a répondu 2 avril 2019

We regret that you had an issue with the app.
Our support team would be happy to help you get the app up and running.
To further assist you, could you reply to ticket 1094636?
Thank you in advance!

25 octobre 2021

Absolutely the worst company I have attempted to do business with.
They said I failed some algorithm for "security" and refuse to tell me how to address the issue! They even refunded my money with no explanation! This is no way to do business!
My advice, stay from any company that refuses your business and won't tell you why!!!
Michael Valadez

4 jours d’utilisation de l’application
1 juin 2021

It is not working! I was not able to make it work although I installed and deinstalled several times.

2 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Brevo a répondu 2 juin 2021

Hello, thank you for your feedback and I'd like to apologize for the poor experience. We just reached out to you over email, please let us know how we can help. Our support is always ready and willing to answer questions to help you get started.

If you'd like to discuss in more detail - please feel free to reach out directly to and I'll be happy to help.


Modifié le 12 septembre 2022

Update #1: Dear Dule,
Thank You for your prompt reply! Please be informed that before sending the "Autumn Super Sale" campaign to our subscribers, your application checked and sorted all our contacts, namely 21052 subscribers. After that, we have 15,163 real subscribers left. Only after that we were able to send our "Autumn Super Sale" campaign to our subscribers (15,163 customers). But only 948 subscribers got it. The problem is in your application - in the technical part of it, and until you fix the reason why your email delivery rate is 6,25% but not 99.55% like most of applications, you will only receive negative reviews from dissatisfied customers. Thank You for your understanding! Dzmitry Pazniak

Scandinavian Goods
1 jour d’utilisation de l’application
Brevo a répondu 12 septembre 2022

Hi Dzmitry,

I'm very sorry to hear that you had a poor experience. I sincerely hope you are able to find a solution that is more suitable for your needs. As our support indicated in the last reply, your plan is canceled and we initiated a full refund.

To give further context,... in order to optimize deliverability for Sendinblue customers, you can send campaigns only to the opt-in contacts. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do, and it is just as important for us to protect your reputation as it is to protect our sending infrastructure.

Again, thanks for trying Sendinblue and we wish you all the best.


Modifié le 30 janvier 2020

Unbelievable how bad this app is, abandoned cart integration is not even made for Shopify, and it has the worst documentation and support.
Environ 4 heures d’utilisation de l’application
Brevo a répondu 31 janvier 2020


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our plugin. I'm Noelia Santa Ana and I'm the community and brand builder for Sendinblue. Your feedback is very valuable. I reviewed your case with our product & customer care teams, and yes you are right - as for now, it is not possible to track abandoned cart events via our plugin. In order to do this, it will require some customized development.

However, I have raised this issue to our product team. We are very aware of the current restrictions our plugin has every time a user makes any customizations. We are working on relaunching an improved plugin.

If you're open to it, I would be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn to discuss your journey with Sendinblue a bit more as well.

Thank you again for your feedback.


6 février 2023

useless, this addon auto import customer contact to blacklist. Can not find the way to setting the right way

Gigago eSIM
Viêt Nam
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