Sendle Booking

Sendle Booking

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Shipping that’s good for the world

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Shipping Rate

Shipping rates both for Australia and United States. Weights over Sendle's max weight limit. International orders.

Synchronise Order

Synchronise order, Order booking mode, Pickup days delay, Notify customers

Extra Feature

Print sendle labels, Cancel shipment, Pickup option, Pickup and delivery instruction

Om Sendle Booking

Sendle - Shipping that’s good for the world

This app integrates your shopify store with Sendle for instant quotes. Provide live Sendle shipping rates to your customers at checkout. Calculates live quotes based on cart contents with the option to add a margin to the shipping costs displayed.

About Sendle

Sendle helps small businesses thrive by making door-to-door parcel delivery simple, reliable, and affordable. Sendle is a 100% carbon neutral delivery service. Tracking, Cover and in-house support is all included in their flat-rates.

Get started

To use this app you need to sign up for an account with Sendle. Shipping costs will be charged by Sendle and will vary based on the size/weight, source/destination of the packages sent, and your account plan.


  1. Provide live Sendle shipping rates to the customers at checkout.
  2. Works for merchants in both Australia and The United States.
  3. This app works for weights over Sendle's max weight limit.
  4. Merchants can add a handling fee to shipping quotes.
  5. This app works for International shipments currently from Australia only.
  6. Free support from Joovii.

Support weight over 25kg for AU and 70 pounds for US: This app breaks the cart items into multiple packages when it is over 25kg for AU and 70 pounds for US. And gets rates from sendle for individual packages and adds it and then returns the total as shipping cost in the checkout process . But in this case it will not book the shipment automatically, just add a note to the admin order timeline about this so that admin can book the shipment directly in sendle as per his choice.

Create Sendle shipments without leaving Shopify, synchronising customer and order data directly to the Sendle booking. The App provides Sendle labels for download and printing and applies all tracking details on the order.

  1. Admin can select a pickup option [Pickup / Drop Off ].
  2. Admin can set a pickup days delay. If you want sendle to pick up the package after some days then you can mention it. And the shipment will be booked after those days.
  3. Admin can set sender and receiver pickup instructions.
  4. Admin can select the order booking mode from “Book shipment on” like
    1. Automatic Booking - when order is received
    2. When the order is marked fulfilled in admin
    3. Book from app order listing
  5. Admin can enable/disable notify customers when a fulfillment is booked.
  6. Admin can print shipping labels.

Also if any error occurred during the automatic booking process then a note will be added to the admin order timeline with error details. Like if the total package weight is over 25kg for Australia and 70 pounds for the United States then the app will not book the shipment and add a note to the order time about it.

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  • Book order
  • Pickup days delay
  • Notify customers
  • Print sendle labels
  • Cancel shipment
  • Pickup option
  • Pickup and delivery instruction

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Tried this app, it then says you must pay your shopify store annually to be able to use. Sendle must have another workaround for this to use carrier shipping rates.


the worse app, no customer service. do not waste your money. We have emailed few times for help but no response. Sendle should do something or we are moving to another provider.

Vertere Skin Care

We had a HORRIBLE experience with this app. Sendle's support doesn't actually support the Sendle app. If you have any issue whatsoever with the integration with Shopify, Sendle's 'support' tells you to email Joovii. We were paying for the app in Shopify, and it never worked correctly. First they tell you to go to Sendle's Dashboard outside of Shopify and initiate the Shopify integration there; we did that. We received our API data, input that into Shopify, and the app still did not work correctly. Sendle's support said we should be able to print shipping labels from Shopify, yet we could not. At that point they directed us to contact Joovii and we did so on June 4. It is now June 23 and Joovii still has not replied to our support request to fix this issue - and Sendle's support can't fix any integration problems. When we would randomly open the Sendle Dashboard outside of Shopify, orders would be there but the weights would be incorrect - one was 3x higher than what it should have been. Sendle doesn't allow any corrections to be made - it's all or nothing, so if there's an error you have to cancel it completely and MANUALLY re-enter the information. It is way to clunky, not user-friendly, and there is zero tech support. We love the idea of it but this app has a lot of work to do to actually be useable. We're sticking with PirateShip.

Udviklerens svar

5. juli 2021

Hi, Apologies to hear your experience with our app was poor. Unfortunately I think the Shopify support team often confuse our app with Shopify shipping and also Sendle dashboard integration and don't always give the best advice. I've looked for a ticket but not seen one in our system, however if you email directly I believe we can address the confusion here. You are definitely able to book from an order in Sendle and print the label. There should be no manual entry even after a canceled order. I hope that you are able to reach out directly and i'm certain we can solve the issues faced.