SMS, WhatsApp, Abandoned Cart

SMS, WhatsApp, Abandoned Cart

作成: Sendmation

SMS Marketing, Abandonment Protector & Free Whatsapp Chat

SMS Marketing

Drive traffic & sales using personalized SMS marketing automations like abandon cart , customer win back series, welcome series, and more.

WhatsApp Chat

Provide quick WhatsApp Support and Whatsapp help via WhatsApp Chat button.

Abandonment Protector

Abandoned Cart Recovery through Email , SMS, Push And WhatsApp Automations

SMS, WhatsApp, Abandoned Cartの詳細情報

Sendmation is a multi channel re-marketing platform for all your Ecommerce needs.

It helps you reach out to the customers at the right time and at the right moment by using the power of Push, SMS & Emails.

The best part about Sendmation is that you can set and forget with our system while our app will do the job of reaching out to your customers.

Improve your sales by using Abandonment Cart Automation.

With Sendmation’s multi channel Abandonment cart strategy, you can retarget and re-engage those customers who almost made a purchase and left at the last step.

Sendmation app makes sure that every abandonment cart user can be tracked and retargeted through our time-triggered Push, Sms, and email automation.

Grow your sales by retargeting customers.

Once someone has purchased from your store, they already have a reputation with you. It makes sense in cross-selling or upselling them.

And now with the help of Sendmation retargeting your customers is super simple and most importantly highly effective.

Those are the most hot prospects and by retargeting them from all directions increases the probability of them becoming customers, thus increasing your conversion rate and return on investment.

Increase Customers’ LifeTime value.

Using our campaigns, you can now win back your customers and increase the lifetime value of your shopify business. The more your customers hear from you, the more likely they’re going to buy. And Sendmation makes it super easy to contact them at the right channel and on the right time.


  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Win back lost orders by reaching your customers that have abandoned their shopping cart.
  • Campaign creation: Create campaigns through email, sms, and push notifications to reach your customer and.Re-engage old customers by retargeting them and offering discounts.
  • Built-In Analytics: Track retargeting sales with real time data through Multi-Channel Marketing using our power built in Analytics.
  • Automations: Create multi channel automations for order fulfilment and order placed to let your customers know the status about their orders..
  • VIP Support: We give you amazing support and helpful advice anytime you need it. We’re available 24/7.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a try, and let us handle the part of your Multi-Channel Marketing Automations and work on your behalf.

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  • Unlimited WhatsApp Chats
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Numbers
  • Greetings Widget
  • Online/Offline hours
  • WhatsApp Share Button
  • Premium Button Designs

Basic Plan


SMS is pay as you go . See all pricing options to view country SMS prices.

  • SMS Marketing
  • Abandonment Protector
  • Email Marketing
  • Push Marketing

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I would highly recommend to use this app if you want to scale your store. It has everything to reduce cart abandons with so much ease. To be honest, I was little scared initially, and then later on when I got in contact with its support team, they are really very helpful, they just onboard you with everything. Looking forward to use it on my next store. Thanks


I am happy with the support and the app is working perfectly well for our store......................


Great Customer Service !!!
Genuinely appreciate the dedication and energy with which my queries were answered. This was a very crucial and encouraging conversation. Thank you.