SMS+MMS Marketing & Automation

SMS+MMS Marketing & Automation


Email, MMS & SMS marketing. Pop-ups, Quiz & Cart recovery.


Reach your Audience Anywhere

Reach your audience through their preferred channels. Sendmunk offers a multi-channel outreach platform - Email, SMS, Bot, Push, Automations

Personalise and Recover Sales

Improve your email marketing results by giving your emails amd sms a human feel using custom fields & Automations

Track Everything

Sendmunk’s powerful analytics and reporting features help you slice and dice your campaign performance data to the thinnest metrics

有關 SMS+MMS Marketing & Automation

Sendmunk - Build and Engage Your Audience with Ease

Sendmunk is the complete marketing automation platform for your e-commerce business to help you reach prospective and existing customers across multiple channels via: Email, SMS/ MMS, Web & In-app push notifications, Automations and SMS Bots/ Flows. Works well for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants.

One Platform. Multiple Engagement Channels. A Better Bond

Every sale starts with prospects nurturing and repeated sales are obtained through constant customer engagement. Sendmunk is built to ease the process of nurturing and constant engagement.

Engage the Right Way

Reach your audience through their preferred channels and coordinate interactions right from Sendmunk, a multi-channel outreach platform, while ensuring you do not lose the human touch in your interaction.

Made Possible With:

  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • SMS/ MMS Messaging and Flows/ Automation - TCPA and GDPR compliant.
  • Segmentation, Campaign targeting based on exit intent, website behavior, cart value, location and more
  • Messenger & Push Notifications
  • Polls, Surveys, Calculators & Quizzes
  • Tag-based Contact management (No lists)

Take Care of Details and Create a Better Experience with Smart Automations

Create automation workflows with predefined rules based on behavioral patterns, to automatically deliver the right emails and messages to the right contacts, at the right time. Pre-built automation workflows such as:

  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Purchase follow-up
  • Customer Winback

to help you get started in less than a minute.

Grow Your Audience

Grow your audience with varieties of GDPR-compliant, mobile-friendly and engaging Embedded, Pop-up, Welcome mat, Top-bar, Scroll box opt-in forms:

  • Basic opt-in form
  • Quiz opt-in forms
  • Calculator opt-in forms
  • Polls opt-in forms
  • Websites/ Landing pages/ sales funnels.

Ease your visitors into handing over their contacts with 2-step Opt-in options. You can pick from our Subscribe Forms templates’ gallery to get started quickly.

You Will Never Have To Do It Alone

  • Responsive Support - Get all the help you need via our email and chat channels. Available 24/7
  • We Help You Move! - We would help you move from your current provider to Sendmunk for FREE. We move everything from your contacts, tags, segments, landing pages to automations.
  • Knowledge Base - Learn everything you need to know to grow your business online from our tons of resources.


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Free up to 500 email contacts. SMS from $0.01.

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