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Modifié le 17 mars 2024

*EDITED* (Went from 700$ plus a month to 150$ plus a month with the premium pricing plan : 99$ per month plus 0.11$ per transaction after talking with customer support) I have been using sendowl for 7 years and used it even before I got a Shopify store. The app works really well and have nothing to complain about the app really. I even struggle to find a replacement. However, in october they changed their pricing. I went from 20$ a month to 150+$ a month (on the new plan). Customer support was nice, responsive and friendly. However since this is their new way of billing (flat fee + transaction %), they cannot do more for me. I am pondering whether I will be switching apps soon because it's just too expensive.

Presque 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
SendOwl a répondu 15 mars 2024

Just wanted to drop a note here - I believe we resolved your issue and were able to help, but please let us know if that is not the case. Glad we could we could get you on the pricing plan that was a good fit. Thanks, SendOwl.

2 février 2019

If you want to add subscriptions to your shopify you will need to be able to understand coding. I contacted help desk and they couldn't help me so I just used the paypal subscription button. Works so much easier

9 jours d’utilisation de l’application
22 juin 2016

The support was for me a horrible experience. Never had the correct answers to my questions.
Moreover if you have apps like receiptful already installed this will be complicated to setup.

Un Lieu De Lumiere
7 jours d’utilisation de l’application
11 octobre 2017

It looks good but it doesn't allow multiple file download.

The Funny Store
6 minutes d’utilisation de l’application