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Find copycat stores in seconds. Prevent product theft.


Find Similar Stores

Sentinel uses an image-matching engine powered by machine learning to find similar stores that are selling your products online.

Easily Investigate

Sentinel compiles any similar stores in one place, so you can quickly and easily investigate them to uncover copycats.

Protect Your Store & Products

Let Sentinel do the work to find similar stores for you! Protect your store against copycats.



Sentinel is a simple app to find and investigate suspicious websites and copycat stores across the web. Sentinel scans the web and seeks out websites that contain your store's product images. Once found, Sentinel aggregates all of these similar stores in one place, allowing you to quickly and easily investigate them.


Why Sentinel?

Most security apps focus on protecting your store from bad actors who want to steal product images and set up copycat stores. Sentinel goes on the offensive to automatically seek out these stores and it provides you with an easy interface to investigate them.

How much does Sentinel cost?

Sentinel is 100% free to use. In the future, we may add additional features to Sentinel under an optional paid plan.

How does Sentinel make money?

It doesn't. We created Sentinel to solve a real problem that Shopify merchants face as the platform grows. In the future, we may add additional features to Sentinel under an optional paid plan.

What information does Sentinel need from me?

Sentinel only requires access to your store's product data. It requires 'read-only' access to this information and does not save it anywhere. In fact, Sentinel does not retain any data when it is not in use.

Why did you build Sentinel?

As Shopify continues to grow, unfortunately, some users will attempt to abuse the platform and set up copycat stores. Sentinel is meant to help keep bad actors and fraudulent stores off of Shopify.

The Team behind Sentinel

Sentinel is powered by Rewind, the team behind the leading backup and recovery app for Shopify Stores. If you have any questions or run into problems, you can call us at 1-855-5-REWIND to speak with a real person, or email us anytime:

Rewind Agency Partner Program

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