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SEO Audit Pro - Shopify SEO Analysis

SEO Audit Pro - Shopify SEO Analysis

Developed by Shopinet

97 reviews
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  • Complete audit of SEO issues on pages, collections, products, and blogs
  • SEO details of competitors, showing their strategies influences site visits
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research for your business and product lines


It is a strict waste of time to have a web page with little or no visitors. So how do you know that your online shop is sought after? How many people frequent it to check out or purchase your products? Well, that is easy, you could get an overview of your site’s visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) reports that are generated by SEO Audit Pro.

The information you demand from it would help you to efficiently design ways to improve traffic to your site and in turn increase sales. Every business loves to have an advantage. The app would give you an informative edge over your competitors.

An instant audit of your SEO issues

The app calculates for you the speed at which your pages load so that you would gauge how quickly your visitors can access your online shop. It measures the size of the page and informs you if you have an acceptable number of file requests or not. It tells you whether your site’s URL is SEO friendly or not by looking for your selected keyword in it. It looks for the keyword in the title tag and checks if the title tag has the recommended 70 characters or less. It also looks for the keyword in the description tags, the images tags, and the heading tags and recommends that you add more if there a few or none so that your site’s content is visible on search engines.

Landing page audit

The app recommends the number of words you should have on each page of your site and points out the number times you use the keyword. It is better if your keyword is modified in a certain way such as through underlining, italicizing or anchoring it with a link to a sitemap so that your visitors would easily spot the difference.

Social Analysis

Most web pages get their popularity through the social media. The app checks to see if you have a Twitter, Facebook and Google + buttons on your site for sharing of content on social networking sites. It also checks links to blogs, and if it finds none, it recommends that you include them to your online shop.

Page link and root domain link analysis

The apps inform you of the links to other sites that you have on every page in a page link report. It also gives you the number of sites your links appear in as a domain link analysis. This helps you understand the popularity of your online shop and how many times it is referred to on the internet forums.

Improve your shop’s visibility

The app positions your shop on the top results of search engines. When your clients’ search your products and services by name or phrases, your online store would pop up. Use this app to rank higher on popular search engines and increase your site visits and online sales.

With all this analyses and information, SEO Audit Pro helps you get your website ranked higher in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It helps you increase traffic, conversations, and sales from your website.

About Us

We are a premier provider of digital marketing solutions to e-commerce businesses worldwide. With heavy investment in research and development, our digital marketing technology is cutting-edge and our methodology is effective. Through our partners, we serve businesses from small brick and mortar stores, national retail companies, to Fortune 500 multinational corporations.

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SEO Audit Pro - Shopify SEO Analysis reviews

97 reviews
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  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

I am more than satisfied with this app, and service. My positive experience optimized my website. I learned a lot about SEO Optimization as well and became aware as to why its important for all entrepreneurs to learn as much as they can to keep visibility possible and customers purchasing. I am a start up and I discovered how difficult it is to purchase services to launch a business and how difficult it is to persuade site visitors to buy. For the low cost of this expensive service, I highly recommend any shop owner to sign up and regularly purchase an Audit to test their site. Great Work! Thanks


Super easy to use and very useful info! I get automated reports daily. Its great to know when there is no issues in the shop, and if there is any, report points out what it is and how to fix with couple of clicks. Definitely recommend them! Thank you :) Priscila www.talkingfashion.net


Much like a number of others here I tried this app multiple times and never got a report about my SEO. Seems more about selling SEO services than helping.


This is a great app does what it says, would recommend this app to all store owners.


Did exactly what I needed it to do. It ran an audit then gave me the 10 page analysis of what was good and what should be fixed. Yes there is the option to hire an SEO guy for $99 but I wasn't expecting to get it done for free. The audit is great and with a little practice I'll have the SEO done myself - it's not that hard with YouTube and google these days. BrilliantWays.com


This is a marketing ploy to get you to hire them, they give you a report that requires an expert to understand (which you can conveniently hire for 99$) useless if you are doing your own SEO and don't have an extra $100 to throw at marketing.


This app provides A LOT of information but very little help about how to resolve the offending issues. I've done a lot of work but am still not ranking very high when I test my site with other (free) online services. $99 is a bit steep for this small business owner in order to have SEO Audit Pro fix my listings.


when i run your reports, would be really helpful to add "fix this by" ...
Site app amazing information however to a non tech newbie at SEO and online marketing information is very complicated. What do all these reports mean> Tell me how to improve them. don' t just give me stats. Tell me what I need to do. like my keywords search, I just updated all my listing with the top keywords recommended for my site. It took me several days, however 50 listings later it is finally done. couch your newbies along to better use your app. the app itself is 5 star i just need to learn how to use it.


I'm not sure what exactly I got out of this tool. I downloaded and added it as one of my apps. Submitted my website for review and never got an email with any results? I ended up deleting the app since it looks like you have to pay to get any analysis so it's very deceiving that it says it's FREE when it's not.


Obtaining the report is easy, and detailed but the terminology and how to resolve issues, is over my head. Im a beginner user and I have made alot of progress understanding the world of websites, I feel the should be how to guides when errrors are present in simple terms


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