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24. Oktober 2022

Very good application, the customer service staff is also very friendly and professional, and it is still online in real time. The technical team can quickly help solve the problem. I have been using this software, and I highly recommend using this software for those who need to do SEO. The experience is very good!

4 tage mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 25. Oktober 2022

We truly appreciate that we can accompany such a kind-hearted customer like you 💝 I really appreciate you taking time to share your experience with us! If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave us a message. Regards, Flora.

13. Dezember 2022

Sally and Flora were awesome in helping me set everything up. Sally spent a lot of time looking at everything and guiding me through it. I think my website is already performing better. This app makes it easy to fix everything quickly. So far I'm happy with it.

Meadow's Edge Home Store
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Etwa 2 stunden mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 13. Dezember 2022

It's such a wonderful start when you can feel at ease to experience our service 🥰 Thank you so much for leaving such encouraging words. Just chat with us when you find anything tricky, we'll handle it for you quickly. Kind regards, Linda.

5. April 2023

Even on the free starter plan, I feel like I have a better understanding of what my Shopify store needs to improve SEO and speed. The live chat support is SUPER helpful in getting you up and running, and there are so many tools to dive into, giving you so much important data at your fingertips.

Reclaimed Gardens
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Etwa eine stunde mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 9. April 2023

We are so pleased that our prompt and efficient assistance from our supporters has resulted in a great experience for you 💗 If there is anything we can do to optimize your site, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. All the best, Sophie.

19. Juni 2023

The user interface and customer support are absolutely great. Sophie helped me with the questions I had and in no time at all. Of all the previous tools I used to optimize my site I can say that without a doubt SearchPie is one of the best. Easy to use, fast customer service and excellent tool performance.

Heartstone Original
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 25. Juli 2023

You literally made our day great! Thank you so much for such warm and kind words for the app and also our support service 😍. If there is anything else you may require our help, don’t hesitate to contact us! All the best, Gina.

25. Juni 2023

What an amazing experience - Sally is great she took her time to help me and even recommended things I didn't know about my site. This is a great app. I haven't really used it but it looks like a great one from the start. I will continue and i am sure it will work great.

By Baano
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Etwa 21 stunden mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 25. Juli 2023

We feel grateful for your generous words. Happy to know you have loved using our app and working with Sally also 💖 Please feel free to reach us anytime, we are here with you on this exciting SEO journey! All the best, Sophie.

19. Juli 2023

Great and quick customer service (Anne) boosted my store within less then 5 minutes on mobile by around 30 page speed points on google pagespeed. Im happy with it and i will keep it :) The SEO im just starting to use, so no expierence yet.

Paw Club
12 tage mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 25. Juli 2023

It's fantastic to hear that you enjoyed our service 💖 Your happiness motivates us to keep going on and pushing for greater customer service. Thank you once more, and best wishes! Sincerely, Jason.

Bearbeitet am 7. Juli 2023

While looking for a way to activate the store, I think it's good that various functions can be used
You can identify problems with other products, for example, you can tell them in detail about the problem with the tag, solve the problem, and answer quickly, unlike other things, when you get a kind response, you can hear a sound to relieve a lot of frustration

Sell Buy
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Secomapp hat geantwortet 25. Juli 2023

We're happy to see that you had a 5-star experience with our app and support. Thank you so much for sharing 💕 We will make sure to share this with the whole team to keep up the amazing work. Best, Krystal. Regards, Flora.

17. November 2022

I Just started using the SEO on my site and received amazing customer service from Krystal and Sally. I had never worked with SEO and the speed and quality of customer service I had from Krystal and Sally was incredible and made a huge difference. I still have work to do on my site but I am confident I am with the people! Thank you so much :)

PaulaB Watercolours
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Etwa 7 stunden mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 17. November 2022

Thank you so much for your 5-star review! 🎉 Really glad to hear that the assistance of Krystal and Sally has been helpful to you. Just keep exploring the app with our close support via Live chat channel! Sincerely, Jason.

15. Mai 2023

really amazing App, this is second time dealing with them, even if you moved from old store the support always here and available to welcome you with offers, thanks to all team especially wendy :)

Vereinigtes Königreich
3 monate mit der App
Secomapp hat geantwortet 16. Mai 2023

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your wonderful review 💓 It's so great to know you found our assistance helpful for you. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us at any time. Regards, Madelyn.

19. August 2023

The support is second to none! SEO can be such a pain, and many people do not have your best interests in mind. Here, people are always willing to help in the chat-box, and they actually walk you through it, or fix it on their end. Thank you, Wendy, Sophie, Anne, and the developers working behind the scenes to fix some more technical errors! Can't go wrong here.

Tokushu Knife
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