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10. syyskuu 2021

The app is working, bit I really cant give it a grade because Im waiting on something to update. I really do like it so far.

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Secomapp vastasi 16. syyskuu 2021

Good day SATIN-MINKS team!

Thank you for leaving us such a great review ❤️

It is great when you spent time experiencing the features of our app and we all hope that our SEO Booster app can help you save more time in SEO tasks as well as boost your SEO status of your online store. We'll keep trying our best to improve the app as well as the service day-by-day. Rest assured that we are always here to assist you as best we can in your long-term SEO journey!

In case you need our assistance, please don't hesitate to reach us at Livechat channel. Just drop us a line and we're available for you anytime.

Chloe - SEO Booster team

29. maaliskuu 2021

Okay, easy enough and quick to use. Lets see what happens over the next 2 weeks for traffic increase and I will be back to add a star!

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Muokattu 15. syyskuu 2019

Just used app to optimize. It worked quickly . Will see if conversion results improve for our store. Too soon to tell

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5. huhtikuu 2022

So Far so Good, wish there was more features for free. But sayinfg that I haven't fully explored it yet.

Lion and the Lamb Shop
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Secomapp vastasi 5. huhtikuu 2022

Hi amazing Lion and the Lamb Shop team 🤗

Thank you so much for your nice words! It's such a wonderful start when you can feel at ease to experience our app from the first steps. I just wanted you to know that we truly feel honored to be your chosen SEO app.

And as you haven't fully explore the app yet, why don't you give us a shout in Live-Chat window in-app? Our friendly support team did send you a follow-up email to help you boost your SEO more, please kindly check that in your email inbox. Please reassured that we're always available in Livechat channel to assist you. It's our goal to ensure that you're satisfied to the fullest with SEO Booster.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Hana - SEO Booster team

20. syyskuu 2019

Easy setup, I have to give it time to see if it actually works. I believe it will work better than nothing LOL

As It Should Be
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6. lokakuu 2019

So far very convenient and provides lighthouse information from google. This makes things nice for developers too.

Dont Trust LLC
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14. tammikuu 2020

Nice and quick to use and very user-friendly. We have a large store and this helped pinpoint a few key areas we missed

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
12 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
19. heinäkuu 2020

I enjoyed the app. The app allowed me to confidently correct errors.
It is a great app for beginners that have no clue how to manually adjust marketing tools on the site.

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2. maaliskuu 2020

The app provides a seamless service leaving me one less thing to have to think about which is a wonderful thing.

Mountain Leathers
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Muokattu 26. toukokuu 2021

Easy. I’m just installing it, and was asked midpoint to review. I hope it’s all that’s promised, i.e. “free”. Now I have to get to 100 characters to proceed,

White Rose Gift Shop
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Secomapp vastasi 27. toukokuu 2021

It's great that you had an easy start with our SEO app. Well begun is half done, let's believe so :) We really really care about your experience with our app. Only when you keep us updated about every step you go with SEO, our team can follow you up with a timely solution. Our team's goal is that you will never feel lonely in this hard SEO journey. So let's start with a click on our support chatbox right in-app and chat with us now ^^
PS: Yes, we confirm the free plan is always available here to help you start with SEO. And with all premium plans, you always have Free trial days to test them.

Chloe - SEO Booster app