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SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing

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SEO done on the fly. Detect and fix SEO issues in minutes.

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Optimize SEO

Check and analyze SEO factors to make sure your website is friendly with search engines like Google or Bing

Gain more traffic

Improve ranking on search engines in order to approach more potential customers

Easy To use

Test your website in one click with no risk, automatically run without adding code manually

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You may learn the importance of SEO to online business, which has been proven to help increase traffic and your store rankings in all search engines.

But find it so confusing to get started that you haven’t thought to touch it again?

No worries anymore! Now you have SEO Booster as an easy SEO walk-through process. It’s time for the world to check out your store on Google and more!

The app requires no code and super easy to use. You just overlook what SEO issues need to be fixed and simply hit Fix It button. Get set up in less than 30s and start improving your SEO!

Key Features

SEO Booster- SEO Marketing is a SEO straightforward app, which does literally everything you need for optimal SEO functions...

  • Auto SEO issues scan and suggestions (HOT): Point out what your SEO problems are and how to correct it. In many SEO cases, it helps you fix the issues in one click
  • Full JSON-LD: Instantly help you structure data in a more friendly way to Search Engines
  • Product Meta Title and Description tags Update: Update your Meta titles and Description tags to help optimize the links in search results
  • Image Alt text Update: Bulk edit your product image alt texts to turn all your photos to more SEO friendly words in a single click!
  • Broken links Management: Keep your 404 errors under control which facilitates the SEO process
  • Sitemap: Help submit your website sitemap to Search engines in a click
  • Analytics: Help you check if Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console) are integrated and provide to guide you add them to your website quickly

*Huge Updates: (NEW) GROWTH Version of SEO Booster App – Premium Features are ALL ready!

  • SEO Keyword Management: Put your keyword under the optimized control
  • Keyword Interest Complete Research: Research the popularity of all-related keywords
  • Advanced Broken links Scanner and Redirection: Daily check and auto redirect from invalid links.
  • PageRank: Analyze which number your webpage is when a keyword search occurs.
  • Integrated Trending: Daily shows what catches the most interest on the Internet.
  • Auto update Alt-text to new images of all pages: product, banner, blogs….

For any queries, feel free to contact us via Emails sent within our working hours from 8.30 am to 6 pm (GMT +7, Mon- Fri) will be replied right away

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Free Plan


  • Complete SEO scan

  • Detailed SEO fix suggestion

  • Google Sitemap management

  • Auto Google search console

  • Image Alt-text for 100 products



  • Trending

  • Page Rank

  • SEO keyword research

  • Home, Collection, Blog images Alt-text

  • Auto Alt-text for 2000 products

  • Auto Broken links repair

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

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Wun Wuv

Great app so far. All optimizations are set! Now let's watch the traffic flow in! Thanks for offering so many feature for free. We really appreciate you!

So far so good, has fixed a few things that I would know how to fix. Still going through the optimization as I rights this. Will update further after a few days use.

Good Doggo Shop

Seo helped me fix many problems and make my optimiztion great. Will use for all my future sites. Everything runs great