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Auto optimize SEO & Google traffic daily. FREE PLAN FOREVER.

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Increase your web accessibility when all images of your website are automatically inserted with Alt-tags for FREE and ever


Organize and protect your site in a Google-recommended way to improve your page rank


No need to digest technical terms. SEO and Google issues are auto-checked and navigated. Close support is daily available.

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Celebrate your true and value SEO app: SEO BOOSTER by Secomapp

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  3. Highly recommended by Ecom experts

About SEO Booster - Free you from SEO worry:

We are always here and on top SEO app list on Shopify. If you are looking for a stable-working SEO app, you come to the right place with our SEO Booster.

Developed by 7-year highly trusted Secomapp staff, SEO Booster has always been listed on first places of SEO and Google ranking categories of Shopify apps. Many new SEO apps keep showing up, but our team always try our best to claim our position as a true value SEO app provider to shop owners of all sizes. Everything with SEO Booster is clear, public and explanable. No customer personal information will be gathered.

How to solve the SEO worry, only SEO Booster!

SEO Booster is an easy, quick, free and inexpensive premium SEO tool. With years serving 40,000 store owners, we listen and keep on adding values to YOU constantly:

  • Time and energy-saving with Auto features which detect and fix SEO plus Google-traffic issues
  • Improve important metrics: store traffic and ranking, search-ability of search engines like Google & Bing, website speed, click-through rate, sales...
  • Organize your data in a friendly way Google recommends with JSON-LD
  • Auto and Daily detect and eliminate negative factors with your store ranking and traffic (Duplicate content, broken links..)
  • Measure and give you insights about the health of your website with authentic reports
  • Master your keywords and increase your image understanding with suggestions from facts and data
  • Mobile responsive: Easy to handle the app on your smartphone

(The efficiency might vary and take time by different businesses but we ensure it's improving day by day.)


Emails are all replied with our heart everyday. We never let you wait more even in peak holiday season.

Install SEO Booster app today to enjoy our basic SEO features FOR FREE FOREVER! And you have A FREE WEEK to see how the PRO version can wow you!

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Free Plan


  • SEO scan

  • Detailed SEO fix instruction

  • Google sitemap

  • Bulk Image ALT text for 30 products

  • FREE PLAN will always be here

Pro Plan



  • Google Tools

  • Auto Keyword & Broken link management

  • Competitor's website diagnosis

  • Image ALT text for Unlimited products

* 모든 비용은 미국 달러로 청구됩니다. 월별 혹은 사용자 기반 청구를 포함한 반복 청구 금액은 30일 마다 청구됩니다.

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Wow this is pretty crazy! However, very straightforward. The introductory process is very fast and fixed an issue I I was trying to handle on another SEO app for 10 minutes in 10 seconds, Truly, Thanks Guys!


Just installed and already helped me a lot! a couple click and woiala! i have tried others SEO and this did what i was looking for!

Holy Land Boutique

Seems quite nice not much effort, it doesn't take long to install, once you install it the app does all the work