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November 27, 2019

THIS APP IS NOT FREE! Shopify really needs to do better in regards to how they allow people to market their products. I am making it a point to call out all apps that claim to be free and are not. They waste the time of shop owners in need of a specific app, only to install & find out it's not free, uninstall it and write a review. This app should say "Free To Install". Not "Free".

Its Bean Called Java
United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
November 21, 2019

We did try it , another advertising scam from somewhere . NOTHING is free about this app as is advertised. We did try it for few moment and we removed it as soon as we've noticed that marketing mentality is scamming advertisements about the app

Rental HQ
United States
Time spent using app: 33 minutes
Expert Village Media Technologies replied November 23, 2019

Thanks for trying the app. The app is Free for all the features it has and for everything thats possible by automation. Fixing SEO issues is not possible by automation, and it needs manual work.

We usually dont provide Onpage SEO services but as users needed it, we started providing on their request.

Why we charge - Because its a manual work, and one of our team member has to spend time on it so we only charge for that.

We clearly mentioned inside app that we dont provide this service but as users need it so we are giving an option that you can hire us to fix these issues.

Its not mandatory, but just available as most users need it.

Rest of the app is Free, no feature in app is paid, Onpage SEO issues fixing is not a part of app feature, as its a service, but not a feature thats why its paid.

We dont sell any of our services for Free same like how you dont provide your products for Free. :)

Even after clear information inside app admin, you are considering it as a scam, we dont know what more we can do then.

Hope you will remove the review.


July 21, 2019

We are glad that many of you have got a response from this company but we have not. We don't normally do this--give a bad review for a company. We usually just walk away if we don't get their responses. But it seems that these last two months, there are more and more of these app companies that have awful customer service but they want you to pay them. We are a nonprofit organization, Everyone here is volunteering their services. Thus, many of us don't have expertise in many areas ... but our heart is in the right place. We are trying out this app and we like the app but we are having problems with it. We contacted the developer.-no response. We are only trying it out but we are still important people.

We decided to start sharing our bad experiences with those app companies that are not doing their job since many of you have been letting us know what your experiences are. Whether your company is nonprofit or profit, we are certain that we all have the same goal: just to get our websites up and running. We are certain that each of you are willing to pay for the service but just like us, you want to be treated with dignity and respect and your problems are important to these app developers instead of our money is their most important concern- us just sending them a check every month for them to be paid. Fortunately, we have only had four app developers to treat us so poorly. The rest of the app developers we have worked with have been just fantastic...many of them going over and beyond the call of duty...we are so pleased with them and if you would like to have those app company names, we will share them with you. You can contact us at

United States
Time spent using app: 4 days
Expert Village Media Technologies replied July 22, 2019

Sorry to see that you got some issue. Actually we got your email on Saturday and we dont work on WEEKEND. Our support team and tech team was not available due to WEEKEND.

When the team was back to work on Monday that is today, they replied to your email.

Also we saw that your store is in password protected mode so the app cannot show you correct data in admin until site is live.

You can still use the app, update meta tags and all but just to skip errors and warnings in app, site need to be live.

You also contacted us in April, and we replied to you as it was regarding our form app.

After that we only got your email on saturday which was for this seo app, and we replied today.

I hope you agree that if a company dont work on weekend, its obvious that you will get reply on a working day.


December 19, 2018

do not use this app. this is not good even not showing the actual result and not free. you have to pay.

Mech E-Store
Time spent using app: 10 minutes
November 27, 2018

Says the app is free but then charges a "one-time" fee of $300. Nothing free about this app but being able to install and uninstall on the same day.

Atlanta Vintage
United States
Time spent using app: 2 minutes
November 20, 2018

I installed and uninstalled in the same day, as I didn't feel the app met my needs. I have since been receiving phone calls that I did not authorise to happen.

I cannot comment on the app usability as I did not like it, so did not use it longer than 5 or 10 minutes.

I certainly did not expect to then start receiving unwanted calls.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 8 minutes
November 18, 2018

the first thing i get after installing is to buy $20 package . I said ok may be I will cancel and choose $10 plan from dashboard. And when I relaunch the app nothing!!! just white screen and loading bar gets stuck.

Time spent using app: 28 minutes
October 28, 2018

I 've been using this app for over a week & really no traffic. It was suppose to be free now I'm seeing it isn't. Hmmm I think I will find an app that works for me.

Carriage House Dreams
United States
Time spent using app: 14 days
October 20, 2018

Seemed straightforward to achieve my SEO. But after loading the app, it was a lot of unnecessary fluff. I guess you need to be in the developer's head to figure out what it's suppose to do. And that's a scary thought.....
Wanted me too, to write a review after installing the app and not wait until I could figure it out. Now where's that developer to pick his mind? Right, he not there to guide you through all of this. Unless you have $300....
No thanks!! I immediately deleted this app, but not until it states you have to remove the embedded code first. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

Lone Star Collectibles
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 hour
October 4, 2018

Doesn't really help solve issues and tries to sell services to fix problems. Uninstalled straighaway.

Time spent using app: 11 minutes