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SEO Get Clicked! SEO Tools

by Adolab

Get More Sales! Rank Tracking, Track Competitors, JSON-ld SEO

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Lefkara Silver Jewellery

my traffic has be going down and down since I used this app. No real value to it at all. I will be looking for other solutions


I get charged for this app twice now for 20USD even though I uninstalled it for my Shopify account..


My shop organic traffic is down 45% year-over-year just in time for fall shopping! Thanks AdoLab! I had hoped that this app would be increasing my traffic after giving it the 6 months they suggest. Support was responsive, but not sure that this app does what they claim for SEO. They also suggested blogging every 2 days. I'm no author, and need to spend my time producing and fulfilling orders. Researching and writing every day is great for any website's SEO if you have the time for that, but I don't so I hired AdoLabs only to find out that I also need to commit 8-15 hours a week to make quality content for a blog that maybe will get noticed after 6 months building it, instead of my products. That's why I uninstalled this app in a nutshell. If you install this, put a monthly reminder in your calendar to watch your year-over-year sales/traffic/etc. and uninstall this if it doesn't perform. Their marketing seems to be somewhat like a gym membership -- you'll see results if you work at it. Meanwhile a year goes by and you don't go to the gym, but get billed monthly.

Developer reply

October 16, 2019

Hello Herbert,

You compared Get Clicked to a gym membership, and said that if you don’t go to the gym you won’t lose weight.

We think that working out & dieting are excellent analogies for SEO. If you don’t work on your SEO, your rankings will not improve.

Just as there is no magic solution for losing weight, there is no magic solution to ranking higher on search results. There is always going to have to be work done on your end.

We understand that it can seem overwhelming when you find out what work needs to be done to begin ranking higher. However, you should keep in mind that the people you are competing with on the SEO front are taking these steps. They are creating content that their users want to see and are ranking for relevant searches.

Store owners that do SEO right win their potential customers attention & are getting their sales.

We wish you the best of luck!

Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog!

Before I installed this app, I was slowly increasing my daily organic traffic. It wasn't a huge amount, but that's why I installed the app. Unfortunately, within days of installing the app, my organic traffic dropped to 1 visitor a day - and there are days when I have zero organic visitors.

This was before I even began to work on SEO - so it wasn't a matter of choosing the wrong keywords, etc. I contacted tech support, and do appreciate their amazing effort to solve the problem. I took their suggestions and gave the app more time, but now after two months, I still have 1 or 2 daily organic visitors. But unfortunately, the app completely destroyed any organic traffic I was getting.

In fact, I've had zero organic visitors in the last two days.

Gives you 7 days free trial and promises result in 3 to 12 weeks? what kind of none sense is this. How am I suppose to evaluate the app? what is the purpose of the 7 days trial if i can see results only after 12 weeks?