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Inova Tech Store

I used it free and didn't notice any improvement. I uninstalled and now you are charging me. Please assist me in the process to cancel. I have no interest in continuing with this App.

Uncomfortable Revolution

DO NOT use this app if you want alt text images for blind or visually impaired people. I run a shop for disabled people and it is ESSENTIAL that image alt text is properly descriptive for users who rely on screen-readers. After painstakingly entering highly descriptive alt text for each of my product images, this app has overridden EVERYTHING, costing me 20 hours of work in addition to the $25 a month I spend "to never have to do anything manual again". I purposely turned off alt text image optimizer in the autopilot function and this app went ahead and overrode my 20 HOURS of work doing this. Instead there are some really lame, non descriptive alt text descriptions for my images. Even from an SEO perspective, what they have overridden doesn't work any better. I am totally heart broken and disappointed that I now need to sit down and spend another 20 HOURS of work. You have taken my money which is one thing, but now you've taken my time and this is not ok. I can't get my time back but I want my money back.

Mile High Wines

HORRIBLE customer service. They take forever to email back. Had major issues with this app did not work at all.


Unfortunately this app did not work at all for me. After two days still no image Alt text had been changed. So I triggered it again, still not working after a Week no Image alt text changed. I would understand that it takes a bit and slowly get this images done one by one but not non in an entire week seems useless. Also no feedback from support chat. I contacted them 3 times over 4 days. I was looking forward to use this App as it looks good and promised a lot, but then I got extremely disappointed.


I deleted the app after a few hours, and they still charged my the full price of $24.95 a month later. Shopify have asked them to refund me the money, but they have not even bothered to reply. Be very careful if you install this app!

Untold Time

This app is garbage. It leaves behind SO MUCH code. As soon as you stop paying your store slows down immensely. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.


Asked for a refund within 5 minutes because my son downloaded the app by accident for the 24.99 a month plan. Emailed them with no response back. Horrible customer support

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Hi Travis, glad we were able to get this fixed for you and apologies again for the miscommunication on our end. Cheers, Stuart

Travel Joy Shop

I uninstall the APP yesterday, why I get charged today?
Please refund
I uninstall the APP yesterday, why I get charged today?
Please refund


I have sent a few messages asking for support/help but have never received a response. Terrible support/customer service.


Terrible for me. Had to Remove the app. But the damage was done. It took all my beautiful accurate descriptions out of each and every picture and replaced them with the Exact Title in my listing and added a dash and my shop name. So if I had 8 pictures on one listing they simply copied my title which had nothing to do with describing the pictures on the listing and added a dash and my shop name. I have weeks of work now! I need to go into every single picture and rewrite good alt tags. This is terrible for me. Beware this change stayed in my shop after I Removed the App. All this work now I have to do to fix what they changed for the worse. Not Good. This is going to cost me time and money as this is not what google wants. Alt tags are supposed to describe the picture for people. This was the free version which immediately when installed did this to my shop. Did not revert back when removed so it altered my shop alt tags till I do the work to change every one of them. Look up what alt tags are supposed to be!

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