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SEO Images All‑In‑One Seo

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App created duplicate images for each product image. Had to manually delete over 300 duplicate product images one by one as there isn't better option.
I wish I never installed this and payed for it money. Please skip this app.

Developer reply

March 30, 2019

Hi very sorry to hear this!.. This issue could have been resolved more quickly by contacting customer support using live chat. We always respond within 12-24 hours (often within minutes or a couple hours).


Sincerely, what is the honesty to say "It's free" when you add a payment at the end of the config, to validate? do you think you can be so much liers? I say no, precise it's not free, you should be in a better way to do business generally.....

Developer reply

March 30, 2019

Hi thanks for the feedback, we're always trying to improve our UX (user experience). We offer free unlimited single product updates, however bulk product updates require a small fee. Cheers!


blocking me from accessing the apps that the customer service center is handling is another stupid move that proves my point,
Rude Customer services call center, obviously, it was a mistake to download the app in the first place thinking it would help remove the watermarks.

Developer reply

March 30, 2019

Hi, I believe you signed up for a membership with a different app of ours after leaving a negative review on this app (along with some other apps of ours). Our customer support is instructed temporarily block any aggressive and rude users. In any case, I think there was some mistake here, because this app was not part of the original issue, and in the end you got the membership you wanted!


The worst app and support service ever. I raised a bug of this app to the support person. He refused to listen and investigate the problem. He didn't help me out with the bug. What he answered is that the bug that I found in the app is because of my computer and he proposed to refund me. I don't ask to be refunded but be helped out with my problem. My computer is running with windows 10, intel core i7 and touch screen, the latest of the latest configuration. If all the app providers do the same as people like him, we can never have high quality software with high quality services. I'm extremely disappointed.

Developer reply

March 30, 2019

Hi, sorry you had an issue, but resolving some issues with compatibility may require days or even weeks (since we have lots of other pressing issues). When users lack patience, usually our response is to explain that a fix is not currently possible and they should find a different app. We're only human... and at times we just don't have the resources available!

Realm Of The Witch

Useless! Instead of cropping the picture with the image of your product in the middle, it leave a cheap looking border on either side of the image. Paid $4.99 to get them like that, then uninstalled it and did them properly myself. No refund either

Automotive Vintage

Not worth it. We paid for the APP and then it stopped working. If you want to return the images back to the way they were before, you will need to do it one by one NOT in bulk. Their servers are really slow. Paid for nothing and no refund.

220 Volt Depotr

This was working great until they made an update that required that you give them a review to keep using the free version.

Heat Group Supplies

The app is convenient and performs well but we where banned without being told by the developer for using the "free" app too much.

"★ Free to perform unlimited individual optimizations on any product!"
"Each single product optimization is free!"
"Membership is not required."

It turns out the above lines are not true and the limit is just whenever the developer decides they're not happy with the amount you're using it. Rather than a built in daily limit or a free trial period, you just get locked out of the app with no explanation.

We needed a free solution (or an appropriately priced one-off payment) so have instead signed up for the free plan of Cloudinary (which seems to be the service this app uses) and fallback on TinyPNG, both provide very easy to use API. If you can work with Node.js or know someone that can, then that's recommended.


Not only didn't this app work correctly on every image, it DELETED some of our product images. Restoring the changes that were made in hopes that our files are put back without having to manually crawl through our website to see where there are errors. Really hope Shopify considers cleaning out apps like this from their store.


Faced problems with automated picture update and it missed up two products and duplicate photos and decrease of speed of website by factor of two. Software support was prompt, active and engaging then quiet. Challenges will always exist but with great and prompt service will go through all these hurdles. Great idea but needs to perform well.

down time to fix these problem 2 days and I had to take my website offline.

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