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2. januar 2024

"New to this game, I noticed my store's score dropped from 75 to 40 since I started. Despite being a paid member, there are additional charges for AI, which I believe should be included in the plan. Currently, I'm unable to use the app due to an ongoing update. The interface is challenging, lacking simplified solutions, and requires some prior knowledge to navigate effectively. Interestingly, my store's original speed was better when I used free apps, so I'm uncertain about the benefits of this service. The fee seemed reasonable, but the store takes 1-2 days for optimization, scanning, and fixing, which is quite lengthy. As a result, I can use it only about 15 times a month, which is limited considering the time it takes for each process."

Rich Habits
Cirka en måned bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 4. januar 2024

Hi, your site has a 17MB video in the banner. This is causing the issue. It has nothing to do with SEO King. SEO King is designed to let users manage their own optimizations. You can control all the settings and make the changes you want. It cannot compress videos, nor does it state that it can. You shouldn't leave 1-star reviews for features that are aren't provided. I also sent you a report that shows this issue precisely.

13. januar 2024

O produto não funciona corretamente funcionalidades simples, como o avaliações de o produtos, além disso o suporte não responde as demandas e me parece ser apenas um boot com respostas automaticas. Estou cancelando o aplicativo.

Dragon Elite
6 måneder bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 19. februar 2024

Obrigado pela sua avaliação. Agora temos a versão 3 do SEO King, que certamente atende às suas preocupações. Embora nosso aplicativo não gerencie avaliações, nossa ferramenta JSON-LD é uma das ferramentas mais avançadas disponíveis. SEO King oferece mais de 30 recursos separados incluídos em um único aplicativo (tudo em um). Sempre que houver algum problema em qualquer uma de nossas ferramentas, nossa equipe de suporte emitirá uma correção alguns dias após ser notificada.

Redigeret 13. februar 2024

*UPDATE*****And these type of responses are why I’m happy I didn’t actually get to pay as I was about to. And fyi I was not using since 2018 and was actually about to look at purchasing, the one star was an accident, but I think I’ll leave it now. Pay attention customers, this is the company that wants your money. This is the way NOT to do customer service. If your app worked you’d have had a paying customer. Good luck there, stellar way to respond to a review. *

Hmm I just tried using again after an update and none of the free features work anymore. I understand they need to get paid for their work, but a heads up would have been great. I was never sure it was helping our site or not as I never saw any significant change in our traffic. But I did like the water marking and alt text. Back to doing it by hand again I guess.

The Pink Controller
Engage Apps svarede 13. februar 2024

Thank you for your review. The problem could have been solved by simply using the free watermark tool in the product photo editor section. The Admin options are now member-only features. I hope you have a nice day.

16. oktober 2023

Not happy. Do not use this app. This app changed all my product URLs and my website got disapproved in the merchant center. They use the Black Hat SEO strategy to show you good results which is bad for the long term.

3 dage bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 17. oktober 2023

Hi, we're sorry to hear this. The products URL rewriting tool is Off by default - it must be manually activated. SEO King has many features that can be activated and merchants should always be cautious when activating certain features such as URL rewriting. We did not receive any support requests from your shop, and we may have been able to provide a rapid solution if the issue was identified by our staff. We provide hundreds of FAQs in the app to help explain all the features and to try to mitigate any potential confusion with making bulk changes. Best regards

22. juli 2023

Was Supposed to be on the Free Plan, used the app less than 11 days and uninstalled app. Suprised to see a $69.99 Shopify Bill, that was being declined by my card(why I was on the Free Plan) and Shopify was threatening to restrict access to my store because of it. So, I contacted billing@ for the app and explained the issue. I was given a $60 credit towards the $70 bill for one months usage (11 Days) of a FREE PLAN! Lol $10 I couldn't really spare but had to in order to keep my store from being restricted.

Will Not Be Using their apps again.

Hummingbird & Hymm
12 dage bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 23. juli 2023

You purchased the plan, used the app to optimize your store many times, and then asked for a refund mid month. Of course we will charge you for at least a month usage - we don't provide prorated refunds. In fact, we were under no obligation to refund you at all as it was past our 72 hour policy. We refunded you kindly, and you decided to leave this review and accuse us of having done something wrong. Outrageous!

26. juni 2023

Worse customer service ever. No one responds to your messages and help you. I had in for one month and no one even bothered to respond to my messages.

Saint Australia
29 dage bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 26. juni 2023

Hi, we responded to you via email, however your "customercare@" email account is not functioning correctly. The email was never read. Shopify is a business platform and reviews should be professional and never left in anger to damage another business over a simple correspondance issue. We also ask for 24 hours to respond to any message in case of time zone differences. SEO King provides a large number of features, at a low cost, with a collection of over 200 FAQs to help merchants. This is not a 1-star application by any means.

11. februar 2024

Uma porcaria.
Destruiu muitas páginas de vendas de vários produtos na minha loja, eliminando fotos, alterando URLs e nomes de produtos.
Cancelei a assinatura e tive de corrigir tudo manualmente.
Não otimizou nada na loja.
Não recomendo.

Engage Apps svarede 12. februar 2024

Obrigado pela sua avaliação. Sempre que você se deparar com um problema, entre em contato com nosso suporte ao cliente. Temos ferramentas personalizadas para resolver facilmente determinados problemas. Nossos registros indicam que suas otimizações foram bem-sucedidas e que você ainda as possui em seu site. No entanto, existem possíveis problemas quando os comerciantes têm outros aplicativos de terceiros instalados que modificam fotos de produtos, causando possíveis problemas com fotos (quando vários aplicativos tentam otimizar/editar as mesmas fotos). Sempre incentivamos os comerciantes a entrar em contato com o suporte em caso de dúvidas, pois sempre queremos fornecer as melhores soluções.

Redigeret 16. maj 2018

The worst app and support service ever. I raised a bug of this app to the support person. He refused to listen and investigate the problem. He didn't help me out with the bug. What he answered is that the bug that I found in the app is because of my computer and he proposed to refund me. I don't ask to be refunded but be helped out with my problem. My computer is running with windows 10, intel core i7 and touch screen, the latest of the latest configuration. If all the app providers do the same as people like him, we can never have high quality software with high quality services. I'm extremely disappointed.

Mere end 4 år bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 30. marts 2019

Hi, sorry you had an issue, but resolving some issues with compatibility may require days or even weeks (since we have lots of other pressing issues). When users lack patience, usually our response is to explain that a fix is not currently possible and they should find a different app. We're only human... and at times we just don't have the resources available!

8. januar 2018

This was working great until they made an update that required that you give them a review to keep using the free version.

220 Volt Depotr
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
5. maj 2022

I cannot chat with anyone there is no live chat feature available. adding this app messed with my reviews code

Cirka 2 år bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 6. maj 2022

Hi, sorry about that, the live chat is temporarily offline because of an issue with our service provider. Can you please email us the issue, jason at engageify dot com?