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SEO results are suspicious ! some Apps you never know until you use it , I found during my product / collection SEO fixing that this App doesnt read the meta fields already set from Shopify Admin !!!! ...instead, it set it to equal to empty and thus reduce the SEO score of the product of the page , iI was on business plan (the top one) ... i have complained about the issue , every time talking about API , maintenance , fit something , fixing ..and the issue persists ...i gave them around 15 days to fix it but the answer of last one from someone called Gill , the App api is fetching ...uninstalled and confirmed my suspicious act on this App ... yes the support is very quick ..but as a SEO App you provide wrong scores in purpose , GOD knows what else is fixed in this App ...easily you think the rest of the App services under suspicious ..from store SEO , backlinks , page SEOs ...you can back to my chat with them all documented ...sorry SEO Aunt , you did not give me any choice

Dubai Properties from PREMIER HEIGHTS
使用應用程式 8個月
SEOAnt 已回覆 2023年7月5日

Hello There,

I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with the app and that it did not meet your expectations for SEO optimization. It sounds like there may have been technical issues with the app's API and meta field reading. Thank you for sharing your feedback and experience. After checking we already fixed this issue.

If you still need further help and clarification please feel free to comeback and we will continue to support you.

All the Best,
SEOAnt Support


Dear shopify users,
I am not going to be judgemental but I am going to tell you my experience with SEOAnt
I have an issue with my shopify admin which keeps reloading constantly and not being able to customize it.
I asked an expert who was able to determne the issue and said it is SEOAnt app keep throwing errors
So I contacted them to solve this issue and no luck so far to the point they stopped answering me on their chat and when they answer they ask me to e patient
finallyI decided to uninstall the app
I do not understand howcome an external expert is able to fix it and their experts are not
Anyway, finally I unistalled the app and every thing now working well
another issue they always report to me that there are 2744 broken links
I redirced these broken links hundreds of time and they keep sending me the same report
I checked my site by using another app and no broken links !!
Why is that? No answer !

I had issues with them before but I will not bother you with all now
I am happy that my admin is working fine now and I will not reinstal this app any more

in essence, I am fully unsatisfied with them and their support to answer my question and solve my issues promptly ( I do not think they know how to fix bugs in their app)

使用應用程式 8個月
SEOAnt 已回覆 2022年10月30日

Hello there, thank you so much for your review! :)

We are very glad to know that you're satisfied with our services :) Please do not hesitate to reach out anytime if you have any concerns in the future :)

All the best,
Giraffly Team


When I optimised images, it corrupted many of them with strange artifacts/defects that looked like weird photoshopping. Support was good explaining how to restore, but that experience immediately broke my trust in the app.

Cremation Urns
使用應用程式 3個月
SEOAnt 已回覆 2022年7月28日

Thank you very much for taking your time to leave a review for us, and we really really appreciate this. Thank you soooo much.

And I was wondering if you have any suggestions or feedback for us to make an improvement. We are always committed to providing the best service to our customers.


"Whoops, looks like something went wrong" This the only answer that I have when I click on your application. Ok it's new year in China but it's like this since 2 days ! Will you wait February for checking your Server ????
By the way your application is great, I will review my note if you fix the problem rapidly.

使用應用程式 2個月
SEOAnt 已回覆 2020年1月27日

Hi, we are so sorry for the late response because we are in the middle of Chinese New Year Holiday. Thanks for your feedback and our tech people are working on this issue now and we will let you know ASAP once we fixed it. Sorry for your inconvenience again.

2020.01.28 update
Hi there, we have fixed our server and now the App is working properly. Feel free to check out the App at any time and if you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Sorry for the inconvenience again.


Nicht vertrauenswürdig. Sehr chaotisch in der freien Version. Dann wird dir der Google Speed so niedrig angezeigt, damit man mehr Geld bezahlt. Passt nicht zu den Google Speed Daten die man im Netz bekommt. Abzocke?! Ich warne auf jeden fall vor diesem Geschäftsgebaren und werde kein Geld für die Pro Version bezahlen.

使用應用程式 大約2個月

Customer service is playing a word game with us. Feel like an ignorant. Using words adversely. They are giving us some kind of discount and they say we did not mean that. Never see like before

Comfy Master
使用應用程式 4天

This app is terrible. Initially, I thought it was a helpful app, so I subscripted to this app and start the monthly payment. But just on the third day, the app caused a devastating problem in my shop, and I need to spend days to fixed the problems one by one. The robot automatically replaced all my product's meta and title. what's more, they are unable to fix this problem caused by their app, and they just can feel so sorry...In addition, to avoid more risks that might be caused by this app, I have deleted it and asked them for a refund. they refused.

使用應用程式 4天

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使用應用程式 27分鐘
SEOAnt 已回覆 2023年7月10日

Hi there,

We apologize for the negative experience you had with our service. We would like to reach out to you and understand what went wrong and wonder what happened on your side. If you could let us know how we can assist you and provide any necessary help through our app, we would greatly appreciate it. Our aim is to improve our collaboration and relationship with you. Thank you and have a great day.

Best regards,
SEOAnt Customer Service Team.


It doesn't do anything like it has shown on video. it just optimize , that's it and you have to do everything by yourself. They wasted my 2-3 hours and at the end they asked me to buy something to improve the page speeder. And I asked several times how your app helps in improving website to rank high on google search they didn't have answer for that. I already had my few products which were on 1st page of google search but after optimizing that thing also gone. So i don't recommend this app at all. App is not at all helpful, not even the customer service.

使用應用程式 大約16小時
SEOAnt 已回覆 2022年4月18日

Dear friend,
We are really sorry for the bad experience you had, we will take take full responsibility of it. There are some misunderstanding between us. And could you give us a chance to serve for you again?
Have a great day and wish you a prosperous store!!


After removing app (testing) it left behind a bunch of code affecting my page loading times. Had to manually remove it.

Laser Minting
使用應用程式 14分鐘
SEOAnt 已回覆 2022年1月27日

Hello John,
We do apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you. But I want to tell you that after you uninstall most apps, there will be some code left on your web page. We are also very willing to help you delete the code left by our app. I hope you can understand, we really want to help you , to help your business thrive. Sincere apology from Giraffly team!
Best regards
Giraffly team