SEO using Google Rich Snippets

SEO using Google Rich Snippets

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Boost Google Rankings - Automatically add Snippets

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Increase CTR from Google

Get more visitors. Increase your Click-through rate by showing specific rich data in search listings.

More Traffic Over Time

Increase Your Organic Traffic and Your Visibility on Google Now. This app can have a major impact on your rankings.

Boost Your Sales

Start Your Successful Journey Today. 3x Increase In Sales. Easy to Use.

SEO using Google Rich Snippets 정보

Why do you need Rich Snippets?

The App - SEO using Google Rich Snippets enables Rich Results for your store, products, product reviews, blog articles and social media profiles.

This means Google search results will show additional data in SERPs. Which will make your search result standout from the rest, increasing your CTR (Click Through Rate)

Why should you bother to buy this app.

  • Only if you wan to show Stunning results, in search engines.
  • Get a higher CTR, over time.
  • Providing 'more qualified' visitors from Google.
  • Increased sales, over time.
  • And of course, show your fascinating product reviews.

Future Updates

Yes you are covered! All markup future updates to the app are, automatically applied to your store. You can chilax (chill+relax), we'll take care of the rest.

When can I see results?

Google SEO is not an instant magic pill, and it takes time. Do not expect any instant results. It can take around 4 weeks to 16 weeks to see some changes. The beauty about this app is that it does not as you any monthly payments, as every store is different and it takes different time for every store to rank.

Do I get support?

We are available for your support, if you need any help with installation or customization. We want you to be successful and we will personally work with any custom themes or conflicts you might have after installing this app.

We will fix it for you! Free of charge.

How can I install this?

It installs automatically, all things happen in the background.

How can I get it?

Get it today for a One off fee - no monthly payment!

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Catastrophe! The app isn't working, support isn't responding, and even the developer site has been hacked and is leading to ads! I would have better thrown the money in the trash!