Stand Out SEO & Rich Results

Stand Out SEO & Rich Results

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Boost SEO with JSON-LD structured data and rich results

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Stand out in Search Results

Create optimized JSON-LD data that allows Google to highlight product offers and store info, including prices, images & ratings.

Simple & Flexible

Set up in under 5 minutes with no theme modification required. Control which store and product details are submitted in structured data.

Increase Traffic

App leverages your competitive prices, product ratings and more to increase visibility and interaction in search results.

Stand Out SEO & Rich Results 정보

Give Your Site a Competitive Edge

So, you’ve put in the hard work of creating your catalog, pricing and an all-around awesome website… now what?

SEO efforts are crucial to leveraging the selling points that you already have in place by putting them in front of more potential customers.

Start enhancing your search visibility with just a few clicks

Stand Out SEO & Rich Results creates structured data files in an optimized format to give your business and products the best chance of displaying more prominently in search results. These are frequently seen in “rich snippets” that highlight product and business information on search engine result pages. These can include product prices, images, ratings, as well as business contact information. Optimized to both Shopify and Google’s best practices, the app inserts structured data independent of your page’s HTML (or theme) code. This means that there’s no need for a developer to implement, no potential conflicts with your page layout, and no need to wait on anyone else to get going. While setup is simple, the app is built to be flexible and allow you to submit only the most relevant data. For example, if you don’t want to make your product SKUs public, simple disable that field and it will not be included in product structured data. That said, as a general rule, the more information you submit the better.

When will I see Results?

We want to be clear with our clients. Correctly implemented structured data is a fundamental step toward rich results. However, like all search results, there are many factors that go into how and when your website displays. We’ve seen clients’ listings start showing rich results in under 24 hours while others may take over a month. Furthermore, if your site is not following search engine guidelines, structured data alone is not sufficient to highlight your search results. With that said, in most cases this is not an issue as Shopify’s site structure is tried and tested. Furthermore, we’re willing to take a look at your site and recommend some best practices that increase your rich results and SEO more broadly.

Testing Structured Data

After enabling Stand Out SEO & Rich Results, you’ll be able to verify it immediately using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool which is linked within the app. Many Shopify themes have existing but incomplete structured data built into them. SEO+ with JSON-LD adds separate pieces of data. Both will be visible when testing, but Google will prioritize the more complete data created by the Stand Out SEO & Rich Results app.


If you have any questions or encounter any technical difficulties, we’re happy to help out - just drop us a line!


  • Product Reviews

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Store and Products


  • Product Structured Data, including ratings, descriptions, images
  • Store Structured Data, including search box, contact point, social

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Total Watch Repair

App does what it says it does and price is better than others. Created the product structured data we need to get product reviews highlighted by google. Support is helpful with questions about app functions and SEO more generally.