Virtual Appointment Booking

Virtual Appointment Booking

de Servv Inc.

Sell Online Services | Live & In-Person Events | Zoom Classes

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Sell Virtual Services

Servv allows you to sell virtual services and online classes using Virtual Events & Appointments. Customers can book slots on site.

Native Zoom & Calendar Support

Unmatched experience using our live zoom events and In-Person Bookings app integrated with Zoom and Google Calendar for live chat sessions

Easy Multi-User Support

Servv supports multiple Zoom user accounts for large businesses. Each user integrates with their own Google Calendars.

Acerca de Virtual Appointment Booking

Servv allows you to easily create and sell Virtual Events, Appointment Bookings and Zoom Recordings within your Shopify site. Servv provides native Shopify, Zoom and Google Calendar integration.


  • Sell Appointment Bookings - Virtual and In-Person
  • Create multiple Services and Providers for your Shop
  • Each provider can connect their own Zoom account
  • Email Reminders and Email Customizations
  • Translations and Color customizations in Widget
  • Provides unique Zoom links and Event Analytics
  • Provides powerful Filters capability that allows you to create customized fields e.g. Teams, Members, Location, Language and Category
  • Create Zoom meetings via Shopify admin panel. No need to login to Zoom
  • Native Product and Order integration in Shopify
  • Sell One-time or Recurring online event tickets, Classes, Fan Events, Conferences

Business Opportunities:

  • Virtual Appoint Bookings, Live Events and Virtual Shopping Experience
  • Yoga and Fitness Studios to sell Virtual Classes, Appointments and Bookings
  • E-commerce Stores to increase profits by offering digital face to face communication, video support, & welcoming customers to store
  • Beauty Studios to provide Make Up Advice, One-on-One Training sessions
  • Music, Art, Pottery Studios to sell training classes or review high end products
  • Consulting or Professional Training businesses to sell training classes
  • Luxury Brands and Fashion Stores to help drive customer engagement and explain high end products remotely
  • Kitchen Supplies and Cooking Stores to sell online training for products and recipe/cooking training
  • Travel agents to explain travel options and demonstrate tours
  • Real Estate agents to schedule digital face to face discussion of available homes
  • Entertainment businesses to offer digital Concerts, Festivals, Meetups, Sports activities, Live Virtual Shop

Top Benefits:

  • Increase Upsell by providing option to setup Appointments during Post Checkout experience
  • Servv allows you to take advantage of Digital Face to Face Communication to generate more revenue for your e-commerce stores
  • Increased Sales, Brand Value, Loyalty and Customer Engagement at reduced cost
  • Attendees can join from anywhere in the world

Languages supported (Widget)

English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Upcoming features (not supported yet):

Recurring support for In-Person Events

Servv simplifies the interaction between Zoom and Shopify to allow face to face communication with your customers in one easy click. It automates meeting creations in Zoom, product creation in Shopify, recordings and guest emails for registrants.


Shopify store

Zoom account


Gmail account

Se integra con

  • Zoom,
  • Google Calendar

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Precio 30 días de prueba gratis



o $7.96/mes se factura $95.52 una vez al año

  • 30d Free Trial
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • 10 Live Events & Appointments
  • 10 InPerson + 10 Recordings per month
  • 1 Recurring Live Event per month



o $23.96/mes se factura $287.52 una vez al año

  • 30d Free Trial
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • 25 Live Zoom Events & Appointments
  • 25 InPerson + 25 Recordings per month
  • 5 Recurring Live Events/month

All Star


o $47.96/mes se factura $575.52 una vez al año

  • 30d Free Trial
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • 55 Live Zoom Events & Appointments
  • 55 InPerson + 55 Recordings per month
  • 12 Recurring Live Events/month



o $95.96/mes se factura $1,151.52 una vez al año

  • 30d Free Trial
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • 120 Live Zoom Events & Appointments
  • 120 InPerson + 120 Recordings per month
  • 25 Recurring Live Events/month

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

4.2 con 5 estrellas

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BEWARE. The tyrants at Servv cost me $75.00 for not using their app. I had decided not to go with a business model that would have required me to use an app like this and simply forgot to delete it from my store. Less than 24 hours after they charged me I alerted both Shopify and Servv and Servv only refund me 30% which cost me $75.00 for their app I NEVER used once. I will never use nor recommend any of their services to anyone.

Respuesta del desarrollador

8 de septiembre de 2021

Thank you for your review. We are so sorry for the experience with billing. There is a free trial for the app and customers are billed on a monthly basis if they decide to keep the app beyond the trial period.

I checked your account and noticed that you installed the app on June 05 with superstar plan and uninstalled it on August 26. As per subscription billing model, you were charged since you decided to continue using the app after the trial period. Our team offered you 30% refund plus additional free months and that was the best we could do from our side. Unfortunately, 100% refund you requested was not possible due to the cost involved in product development and support over the usage period.

We sincerely apologize for any frustrations this may have caused at your end and wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy

First of all I would like to say I had an amazing customer experience. I was taken through a step by step process on how to set up an account. Also created a real event with the wonderful assistant. I look forward to working with this app as a tool to provide good customer support for my clients.
Thank you

Respuesta del desarrollador

25 de agosto de 2021

Thank you for the review! Our team is always happy to help.

Splore Fitness

Their support is very responsive and they are accommodating of your requests. We've been using their app for a few months now, and we are happy thus far.

Respuesta del desarrollador

12 de julio de 2021

Thank you for the review! Our team is always happy to lend a helping hand.