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14. April 2023

Breat appointment app that is super easy to use. Our staff and customers love it. Customer service and Shopify integration is excellent. would highly recommend this app!

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12. April 2023

Great customer service! The app does the job required. It was the only app I could find that would work well with Shopify and Klaviyo for a fully automated system

nvenn hair and beauty
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5. April 2023

I am not very tech-savvy and don't know how things work. I downloaded this scheduling app hoping it would do what I need it to do on my website. The staff (Mariana and Leo) were incredible! So patient, helpful, thorough, and always positive! I really loved the experience. They guided me in the process of adjusting the scheduling app just as I wanted it and were happy to jump on a video call to talk things over just so I was happy with the setup. Highly recommend!

Square Feet Floor Plans
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Bearbeitet am 3. April 2023

The Sesami development team is incredibly helpful when it comes to troubleshooting any issues. As someone who values prompt support, this is very important to me. However, I must note that Sesami does not offer SMS notifications for certain countries. This is a significant drawback for many businesses, as it can lead to a high number of no-show customers. Nonetheless, the Sesami team has assured me that they will work to resolve this issue. If they are successful, I will be pleased to give them a five-star rating, as this is the only feature I am currently missing.

Sacha Beauty
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Bearbeitet am 14. April 2023

Sesami allows us to have the booking dashboard within the website, without redirecting the user to another URL. There might be prettier interfaces for the users, but this is a very, very important feature.
Great, great customer service!

Optica HM
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 16 tage
Bearbeitet am 1. Mai 2023

So far this app has been exactly what we're looking for. Simple, easy to use, intuitive, multitude ability to customize even with the lower tier subscription, and integrated with Shopify POS.

The team behind it is very helpful and responsive. Shout out to Mariana & Jeanny!
Update to my review: The app is now live in our site and everything is going quite smoothly. The Sesami team has been extremely helpful in assisting us with the Sesami Flows coding. Could not do it without their guidance. Definitely feeling like a gold client!

Silk Road Tea
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22. März 2023

The app works very well.
Great customer support, as they have helped us to solve some bugs very efficiently.

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Bearbeitet am 20. März 2023

The CX Manager Leonardo was very helpful and informative. Unfortunately, this app does not fit my business. It does not allow me to set a blocked time for my classes. For example, the classes run every second Saturday for three weeks. This app will only allow those interested in attending a class to sign up and pay each week and not sign up and pay once for the series of classes. So, the stars go to the professionalism of the CX Manager who went above and beyond trying to assist.

Umi's Comfort
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Bearbeitet am 12. April 2023

The team at Sesami have been so incredibly helpful in setting up the app for my client.

They went above and beyond to import bookings from another platform so that the process was as smooth and seamless for my client as possible.

Would 100% recomend this great app and more incredible team.

Core & Floor Restore
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
15. März 2023

We Love Sesami!! Very easy to use and always reliable. The support from the team is always top notch.

Detail Doctor's
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