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16. September 2023

This company prides itself on denying refunds to customers who forgot to cancel their subscriptions. Even if you warn them right after a charge they will hide behind their cancellation policy to not refund you. Shopify even honors a subscription refund so I'm not sure why they think they can do this. Also, they purposely make it impossible to cancel your subscription service unless you ask them to cancel it for you. I see that as disturbing because almost every subscription service has a cancellation option in their app settings. Please refrain from using this service as there are more honorable and reputable booking apps available. The last thing is don't be afraid to use a credit card chargeback to get your money back from this company.

Summer Eyes
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Etwa ein monat mit der App
Sesami Inc. hat geantwortet 21. März 2024

Hi David,

We are here and have always been here, working with partners like yourself. We have the most generous free trial in our category, making sure you're not rushed to set things up. We even offer a free onboarding call.

And canceling your Sesami plan is like any other Shopify app by uninstalling the app. This is well documented in our help guides and we also shared that with you by email.

Even though we don't have a refund policy, but we did refund you as a courtesy since you are a partner, and we believe we are in this together. We sent you tens of emails, making sure you got your refund, but no response.

We appreciate you replying to our emails and reconsidering your one-star review, to make things fair.

22. Juni 2023

this is exactly was i was looking for. It was kind of confusing at first but being able to watch videos helped a lot!

PNW Happy Cleaning
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3 monate mit der App
2. Juni 2023

Had a great customer service experience with Sesami. I hoped on a video call with Leonardo and he was able to answer all of my questions.

Baird Farm Maple Syrup
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7. November 2023

The Sesami team is great! They took the time to understand the needs of my business and proposed options I had not considered. The team was responsive, thoughtful, and supportive as I launched my business.

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3. Juli 2023

Great app for prepaid appointments. Had a free onboarding call. Super helpful. Syncs great with my Google calendar.

Peter Benes
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30. April 2024


Golf Balata
37 minuten mit der App
5. Juli 2023

good app but i costomer get a bit lost when they click the book

Virtua vr
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12. Dezember 2023


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Sesami Inc. hat geantwortet 21. März 2024

Salut Julie,
Nous serions ravis de recevoir vos commentaires et de vous aider. Veuillez répondre à nos e-mails ou nous envoyer un e-mail à

27. Juli 2023

Guter Service, gut gut gut gut gut gut gut gut gur gur gut gut gur gur gur gur gur gut gur gut gur gur

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15. November 2022

I had an issue with my scheduling time and I got lucky to be assisted by the wonderful Mariana who was very knowledgeable and able to help me set up the app properly. Thank you Mariana

Alzerina Jewelry
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