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Muokattu 20. maaliskuu 2023

The CX Manager Leonardo was very helpful and informative. Unfortunately, this app does not fit my business. It does not allow me to set a blocked time for my classes. For example, the classes run every second Saturday for three weeks. This app will only allow those interested in attending a class to sign up and pay each week and not sign up and pay once for the series of classes. So, the stars go to the professionalism of the CX Manager who went above and beyond trying to assist.

Umi's Comfort
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31. tammikuu 2023

Enjoy the app, wish the free version allowed at least 2 team members.
Otherwise it is easy to use, and navigate and our clients seem to enjoy.

Romantic Notions
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Muokattu 30. tammikuu 2023

Its only free for one service and I need a free app that is free for multiple services. I haven't met any business owner who liked this app.

Update: they did call me to help me find alternate ap that would work better for my company. They are friendly and very helpful.

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22. syyskuu 2022

Only feature I'm missing is having a way to put a maximum capacity per class. And allowing customers to book only up to that capacity.

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Sesami Inc. vastasi 22. syyskuu 2022

Hey there,
Thanks for your review!

This feature does actually exist :)
As we already sent this info directly to you. Ref. Help guide:

Did you know we do offer a dedicated onboarding session in which we help you setup Sesami in the best way possible for your business model? Make sure you don't miss that :)

20. syyskuu 2022

I evaluated a number of scheduling apps and in the end Sesami had the best customer service and instructions. I'm still getting my head around the app but so far it's meets most of my needs.

The Arogya Center
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Sesami Inc. vastasi 22. syyskuu 2022

Hey Arogya team,
Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to leave us this super kind review. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying our customer service and instructions.

It's great we're already connected and got to know how to make our app even better for your business. We'll keep you posted on those updates, in the meantime, you know how to reach out to us :)

25. heinäkuu 2022

Très bonne app mais dommage de ne pas avoir une veersion app mobile plus easy à utiliser que de devoir se connecter

Studio Friday Photographie
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30. kesäkuu 2022

The app needs to include more automated forms like acuity. For example I use consent forms for my services

Tru2UBeauty LLC
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24. maaliskuu 2022

as yet I haven't used this but I've had no problem with loading and updating etc, Hopefully I will get some bookings very soon

The Facial In a Box
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8. maaliskuu 2022

I love this app! Easy to use, integrates well and helps automate all scheduling. I do wish you could set up automated emails along with the initial appointment email which is why I give 4 stars not 5.

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15. joulukuu 2021

Not the most technical person so I stumbled upon a few problems/questions which were all swiftly solved by Aymane on their support team. Haven't used the app for too long but if it works as well as their customer service, then the future with Sesami seems bright!
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