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11 mars 2021

its all what i wanted , great app , and great fast help desk , thank you :) 5 stars, easy setup you should try it

La Brioche
Ungefär 4 timmar användning av appen
19 januari 2020

Awesome! Totally worth it. The app is very clean and allows me to do whatever I need to do to better serve my client.s

Miranda Percich Fitness
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
27 januari 2023

We have used Sesami for over 3 years now. They are always adding to their offerings and their customer support is next level if you ever need a hand with anything they go above and beyond to help you solve it.

Also our clients love how easy it is to book a time spot with us, we get so many comments about how its so much easier than a lot of other options out there.

The Recovery Spa
1 augusti 2021

Simple and ease-to-setup! Had scheduling/booking setup in less than 5 minutes and is exactly what I needed for my store.

Thrive on Change
19 september 2023

Whitakers Garden Centre
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
4 september 2023

Sabo Provisions
10 dagar användning av appen
1 september 2023

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