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20. januar 2022

I used this app and it really helped me improve my store and ensure my customers did reach check out.

3 dage bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 20. januar 2022

Hello friends at Soignébyk,

Thanks so much for your awesome review :D We're happy to hear the app is helping you get more customers to checkout!

Is there anything we can do to earn that extra star?

- Chris @ Propel Commerce

17. maj 2023

I recently installed an app designed to record customer sessions on our website. The initial installation process was flawless, and the app appeared to be functioning exactly as anticipated. The utility of the app in terms of its core functionality was impressive.

However, we began to notice a significant issue that started impacting our site’s performance post-installation. According to Shopify's speed measurement, our site's speed decreased dramatically, from a score of 50 down to 43. We hoped this was a minor glitch or something that could be easily rectified, so we reached out to the app's customer support for assistance.

Regrettably, our repeated requests for support fell on deaf ears. There was no feedback or guidance provided, leaving us in a difficult position. We decided to uninstall the app, hoping it might help improve our website speed. There was a slight improvement, but not to our original performance levels.

In an attempt to resolve the issue, we reinstalled the app, only to experience a further decline in our site's speed, plummeting to an alarming 26. This prompted us to uninstall the app again, and we endeavored to remove any leftover code that might have been impacting our site's performance. While we did manage to slightly increase our speed score to 31, it's still far from the original speed before the app's installation.

The lack of response from the app's support team has left us seeking outside assistance, leading to further expense as we now need to hire an expert to find a solution. It's disappointing and frustrating that an app that initially seemed so promising has had such a negative impact on our website's performance. Furthermore, the apparent lack of customer support compounds the issue.

While the app's core functionality is commendable, it's crucial for the developers to address these performance issues and improve their customer support. We hope that future updates will rectify these problems so that other users don't experience the same difficulties. Based on our current experience, we can't recommend this app until these issues are addressed.

2 dage bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 17. maj 2023

Hi Skanski,

We're sorry to hear about your shop's performance issues. We just ran Google's performance checker on your shop, and your shop's issues are not related to Propel Replays. Your shop's biggest issue is 1) you're still using jQuery (it's very slow) and 2) jQuery is being loaded in a way that blocks all other content from downloading.

Please reach out to our support at, and we'll be happy to go over the results of the performance report with you and what steps you can take to mitigate the issues. This is a free service we're happy to provide to all of our merchants :)

You mentioned you reached out to our support multiple times, but we didn't receive any emails or in-app chat messages from you. Can you please confirm if your emails were sent to the correct email address -

Finally, rest assured that Propel Replays adds only a single line of code to your theme.liquid file, and this line is no longer included when you uninstall. It does not make any changes that persist after uninstall.

- Chris @ Propel Commerce

8. juni 2022

I have just started using this app. It looks great overall, has pretty much everything I need, and is affordable compared to other similar tools in the market. Definitely recommend using it.

Las Brewhas
38 minutter bruger appen
19. oktober 2022

great customer support - great and easy to use app. I picked it over the other options and I dont regret it.

28 minutter bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 19. oktober 2022

Hello friends at mister1920,

Thank you for the AWESOME review, Logan! You are very much appreciated. Enjoy the app and more power to your business! 🚀

- Tom @ Propel Commerce

20. marts 2023

Fantastic instrument, exceptional client support - a superb experience that exceeds expectations! :-)

14 minutter bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 20. marts 2023

Hello friends at Allegra,

Thank you very much for the review, Aude! We're always happy to help anytime. Chat us anytime you need help! More power to your business! 🚀

- Leo @ Propel Commerce

21. december 2022

so far new to the app. but love what i have seen so far. wish i knew about this app sooner!!!!!!!!!!!

K9 Supply
11 minutter bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 21. december 2022

Hello friends at K9 Supply,

We're glad to hear our app is helping your business! Thanks for the review, Angel! Enjoy the app and more power to your business! 🚀

- Leo @ Propel Commerce

10. maj 2022

Great app, great service. Thanks!
Great app, great service. Thanks!
Great app, great service. Thanks!

Soda Direct
11 minutter bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 10. maj 2022

Hello friends at Soda Direct,

Thanks! We appreciate the enthusiasm! 😆
Enjoy the app!

- Leo @ Propel Commerce

4. februar 2022

App is refined, smooth and crisp. Carmi, the Onboarding Agent is simply fabulous. Would give 7 Stars out of 5 if I could (-:

FAÍTH Collection
8 minutter bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 4. februar 2022

Hi to our friends at FAÍTH Collection,

Thank you for your trust and appreciation! We continuously work on improving our services for our merchants. Do feel free to let us know your thoughts, we're just a message away!

- Carmi @ Propel Commerce

26. januar 2022

Does the job very well. just started using it and looks like it is going to be very useful. Thanks you.

7 minutter bruger appen
Propel Commerce svarede 26. januar 2022

Hello friends at BorderTribe,

We're happy to be of service! We're positive that our app will improve your store management. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions or need any help. :)

- Carmi @ Propel Commerce

31. december 2021

Easy to use and track info, helpful. Easy to see where customers are going on website and see what items are popular.

Westbound Sol
34 minutter bruger appen