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Edited May 27, 2023


Time spent using app: 31 minutes
Propel Commerce replied May 27, 2023

Hello friends at Yanstore,

We appreciate the star, but could you tell us what else we can do to get 4 more stars? 😊

- Leo @ Propel Commerce

August 15, 2022

Due to this app My website shows java script error and product not open many times.I contacted My it guy he give me reason that in this app this app have bug rrweb.min.js.mao due to this bug that java scrip error come.
If you are ready for this bug then buy this one.....recording is fine

Silk kaftan
Time spent using app: 14 days
Propel Commerce replied August 15, 2022

The error on your shop is not coming from Propel Replays. Your shop has a file called 'getData.js' from https://heatmapstorefront.z08tech.com that was generating an error 'can't access property "Status", err.response is undefined'. This appears to be a "heatmap" app. Propel Replays does not have any heatmap feature.

This heatmap app is also polluting your Javascript console with the IP and location of your visitors which is not great. Please open the Javascript console in your browser while visiting your site, and you'll see what we're referring to. We've found other issues with your shop as well that may be impacting your visitors.

Our support team has tried to reach out to you, but we have yet to hear back. If you'd like help in resolving the issues with your site, please respond to our email or email us at support@propelcommerce.io, and we'll do our best to help with the issues on your site.

January 18, 2022

My experience with this app wasn't that great to be honest. The app recorded my shop well but issues with pages not loading up while loading sessions and refreshing the page didn't work and clicking logo took me to another website, app screen doesn't show my shop app pop ups (Candy Rack) so I don't know how customers are interacting with that. (Other Session recording apps did this fine.) Hot spot was not there either. I contacted live support asking a question in regards to changing my plan to free. I didn't want to continue my paid plan and asked would I lose my current subscription if I choose to go on the free plan, because i don't want to continue it and be charged for another month when I want to stop it and only use the page views I have left over, which I've paid for. Live support didn't answer my question and ended up removing live chat for me. I made a support ticket and my question was ignored again... (They mentioned retrieving recordings from their database which is not what I asked at all) Disappointed to be honest with you.

Force of Life
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 15 days
Propel Commerce replied January 18, 2022

Hello friends at Force of Life,

I'm so sorry for the less than stellar experience you had.

Our live chat system is set to hide itself if no agents are online. We just introduced live chat a couple weeks ago and only have one agent per shift at the moment. It looks like the system thought our agent went offline and so hid itself. We didn't want merchants to leave messages if no agent was online to help, but we'll need to revisit that setting as we absolutely don't want merchants like yourself to think you've been blocked.

Also, I apologize for the misunderstanding. Our agent thought you meant you lost recordings after downgrading which is why they mentioned retrieving them from the database. They didn't realize it was the quota you were referring to.

After downgrading your plan, you should have absolutely been offered a refund given the loss of page view quota, and I'm sorry that didn't happen.

I've reviewed your tickets with our agents and instructed them on how to handle this situation properly in the future. I'll also reach out to you shortly to see what we can do to make this right for you.

- Chris @ Propel Commerce