ShagunBox : 27+ Marketing Apps

ShagunBox : 27+ Marketing Apps


Sales Popup, Color Swatch, Quick View, Product Review and more

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Stop Wasting Money and Time

Stop wasting money and time on using multiple apps. This can bill you very high. Use our affordable app to attract customers and save money

All in 1 Tool to Boost Revenue

Sale Popup, Color Swatch, Store Locator, Product Review & many more premium tools in one app. Use all apps without any conflicts of apps

Track your store With IP Log

Track all IP addresses visiting your store and associated information such as location, browser, device, etc.

ShagunBox : 27+ Marketing Apps 정보

ShagunBox is the idea of providing multiple apps services in one app to achieve improvements in merchant store sales growth. It comes with 21+ most useful apps that improve store sales with Sales Popup, Color Swatch, Store Locator, Product Reviews, IP Log, Quick View, FAQ, and many more.

It has some useful apps to help online merchants optimize and grow their stores, such as Product Description, Currency Convertor, Age Verification, and many more.

Why do you need a single app for replacing multiple apps?

To save your time and money, We have whittled down these 21+ apps into one platform for a huge variety of different uses to increase your store revenue. Stop wasting your money on multiple costly apps which may conflict with each other.

Some Useful Apps:

1. Sales Popup

Sales popup app displays recent order notifications to show what others are buying.

2. Color Swatch

Converts boring product option dropdowns as elegant and easy to navigate color swatches with the breeze.

3. Quick View

Quickly add items to their shopping carts from home or collection page.

4. Product Reviews

Display reviews of happy shoppers to provide a way for your customers to engage with you.

5. Store Locator

Easily add a beautiful and feature-rich store locator to your Shopify store, Our interactive map will delight your customers with its simplicity and increase your in-store sales.

6. Product Descriptions

To display product descriptions or feature sections on the product page.

7. FAQ Accordion

Provide your clients with the FAQ section they are looking for before they asked.

8. Currency Converter

Show your customers their local currency automatically based on their geo-location.

9. Age Verification

The app helps you to verify customer age and deter underage visitors.

10. Related Products

Show personalized recommendations or related items alongside each product on your store

11. IP Log

Track all IP addresses visiting your store and associated information such as location, browser, device, etc.

12. Sticky Cart

You can add a Sticky Cart button showing up on all pages, which can lead your customers directly to the cart page or checkout page.

13. Quick Buy

It will allow your customers to buy directly from Product Listing pages.

14. Countdown Timer

Countdown timers help convince buyers that right now is the time to buy.

15. Stock Counter

16. GDPR Banner App

17. Sticky Add-To-Cart Bar

18. Stock Countdown

19. Snowfall Effect

20. Trust Badges

21. Inactive Tab

22. Product Warnings

23. Back in Stock

24. Estimated Shipping Date

25. Animated ATC Button

26. Cross-Sell

27. Popup Builder


Awesome Customer Support

Contact our support team for clear and friendly customer support. We’re dedicated to the success of your business.


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Free Plan


  • Trust Badges
  • Inactive Tab
  • GDPR Banner
  • Whatsapp Chat
  • Snowfall effect

Premium Plan


또는 연당 $120 로 $10/월 청구

  • Free Apps Plus 22 Premium Apps
  • 1. Sales Popup
  • 2. Color Swatch
  • 3. Cross-Sell
  • 4. Back in Stock
  • 5. Quick View
  • And Many More Apps.....

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