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  • Increase mobile conversion rates by increasing engagement with an exit-intent offer
  • Build your FB messenger & email list from mobile visitors by incentivizing them with a post-shake coupon
  • Your customers will have FUN!

Mobile conversion rates SUCK

ShakeHero is the best way for Shopify merchants to collect emails and increase their mobile conversion rates by engaging visitors in a fun, interactive way and incentivizing them to complete their purchase.

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How does ShakeHero work?

ShakeHero is simple. Before mobile visitors leave your store (exit-intent!)they are presented with an offer to "shake" their phone to receive a discount (the value of the discount is determined by you!). They visually see the discount amount increase as they shake their phone - keeping them engaged. After they have shaken to the full amount of the discount, the visitor enters their email to view the coupon code. They can then use this coupon code on checkout to apply it to their order. It is a win-win for both of you!

** ShakeHero ONLY appears if the visitor is on a mobile device **

Why is this important?

Mobile shopping can be very distracting - in fact, mobile conversion rates are almost ONE THIRD that of desktop conversion rates. Long credit card forms, text messages, being 'on the go' and other distractions often prevents visitors from completing their purchase.

BUT mobile ecommerce is more important than ever. Across the board, mobile visitors account for HALF of your web traffic. This percentage is only increasing.

EVEN a small increase in your mobile conversion rates can significantly increase sales

YES you need ShakeHero! We are Shopify App veterans and are focused on building robust apps that help you save and make more money.

Build your Facebook Messenger list

After shaking has commenced, visitors are able to opt-in to allow you to send them promotions through Facebook Messenger. Use this list for abandoned cart messages, promotions, and other offers through FB messenger.

Collect emails for later use

After shaking has commenced, visitors will be prompted to enter their email address to view their coupon code. We store these emails for you so you can send marketing emails to any stragglers who did not complete their purchase. EMAILS = $$$

Customize your shake offer

ShakeHero is customizable. Here are some the customizations we offer.

  • Create or use any standard Shopify coupon code (we recommend $1 - $10 or 5-10% to start)

  • Choose which pages of your store will show visitors a Shake offer (ie. Cart, homepage, product page, all pages, etc)

  • Choose which GIF should be displayed. Or choose no GIF :(

  • Limit a Shake offer to only be shown to visitors with certain Shopping Cart sizes (ie. only show a $10 offer to visitors with >$100 in their shopping cart)

  • Convert the ShakeHero text to your store's native language
  • After creating a ShakeHero offer, you will get a chance to view how the offer will appear on your store before it goes live. However, we strongly recommend you disable other mobile popups/widgets/app/services that could conflict with ShakeHero.

    ** ShakeHero is Patent Pending **

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