Shaking Add to Cart Animator

Shaking Add to Cart Animator

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Animated Add to Cart & Buy Now Buttons - Increase Conversions

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More customers for your site

Want more Customers? Course you do, customers = money! With our easy-to-install add to cart animator button you'll see an increase instantly

Increase conversions instantly

Immediately increase sales with an animated add-to-cart buy button. With our app you immediately benefit from an increased conversion rate.

Instant call-to-action = sales

Turn your static product pages into high converting power pages & make more sales by installing the add to cart animator with one click.

Su Shaking Add to Cart Animator

Make More Sales with Add-to-Cart Animation

A prominent & eye-catching Add to Cart Buy Button is an essential for any successful store

Ensure you maximize your store's sales & conversion rate by installing our Add to Cart & Animated Buy Button app. Test it for free for 14 days and watch your conversion rate sore!

How Does the Add-to-Cart Animator Increase Sales?

Our app allows your static product pages become more engaging by animating the add to cart & buy buttons driving your visitors focus toward taking action.

Our Shaking Add to Cart & Animated Buy Button creates urgency and an impulse to complete a purchase. Your potential customers will feel compelled to click the 'buy now' or 'add to cart' buttons raising your site's conversion rate instantly.

Increase Your Conversion Rate with just One Click!

Most store owners are unhappy with their site's conversion rate - install our Shaking Add to Cart & Animated Buy Button to immediately start benefiting from an increase to your site's conversion rate and overall monthly sales; it's that easy. Customers deliberating about making a purchase will convert into additional sales for your store!

Optimize Your Animation to Further Increase Conversions

Our Shaking Add to Cart & Animated Buy Button app allows you to animate your Add to Cart or Buy Button with 16 visibly noticeable animations at preset time intervals - to benefit the most from this app, find the animation that converts highest for your store.

How to Install the Add-to-Cart Animator

Installing the Shaking Add to Cart & Buy Button Animator app is simplistic, no coding is necessary.

Install the app, choose the animation you prefer for your Add to Cart or Buy Button, set the intervals at which to 'animate' and enable - easy! No need for developers or fiddling with theme code - our app is a one click install.


Having trouble? Our friendly team are here to assist should you need any installation or after-care help.

Key Benefits

  • Increase your site's conversion rate & sales volume instantly.
  • Low Cost App with Awesome ROI.
  • One-Click Install - No coding skills or developers required.
  • Multiple Animations - find one that converts the highest for your store.
  • Mobile Ready Design - Bug Free Coding, No Theme Editing - Just Install & Go
  • Compatible with all major browsers including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Mozilla & Others

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5.0 stelle su 5

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working good!
really simple to use.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

31 ottobre 2020

Thank you so much for your review, they really help to let others know that our Shaking Add to Cart Animator app works well at improving conversion rates and sales revenues! Be sure to take a look at our other apps - all of which focus to improve your Shopify store's sales and ultimately make you more money!


Sorry, my mistake. The app works great and it has nothing to do with the crushed website. Next time I will be more careful before leaving the reviews.

Very helpful team, professionals

Risposta dello sviluppatore

18 aprile 2020

Thank you very much for your review of our Shaking Add to Cart animator; it is greatly appreciated by all the team!

For the purposes of clarity for other Shopify Merchants reading this review; the Merchant contacted us for some additional installation assistance. We responded and resolved his query within 12 hours.

Unfortunately, some weeks later, the Merchant had a few issues with his website, specifically his theme. He, at the time, was advised by an inexperienced Developer that it was our software and so left our app with a 1-star review.

Later, the Merchant contacted Shopify Support and they advised him it was his theme that was causing his website problems, rather than our app! The Merchant kindly adjusted his review to reflect the functionality of our app and his experience of our customer service.