Shapeways Fulfillment

Shapeways Fulfillment

door Shapeways

Automatic, on-demand order processing and fulfillment.

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Automatic Order Processing

Orders are processed immediately and automatically. That means zero upload time and more time for other parts of your business.

On Demand Production

No need to stock inventory or buy your own equipment. You will have access to Shapeways’ 3D printing manufacturing and fulfillment network.

Direct Shipment

Once your customers order is complete, we will package and ship straight to you or your customers.

Over Shapeways Fulfillment

About Shapeways Fulfillment

Streamline your order processing, production, and shipping by connecting your store with Shapeways Fulfillment.

This integration directly connects your Shopify store to Shapeways’ 3D printing manufacturing and fulfillment network, giving your business seamless access to 3D printing technology in over 40 materials and finishes ranging from precious metals to durable plastics. Shapeways’ services provide on-demand 3D printing manufacturing of end-use ready products, not just prototypes.

With Shopify and Shapeways fulfillment, you can:

  • Access batch ordering
  • Customer orders are processed immediately and automatically
  • On demand production of over 40 3D printed materials and finishes
  • No need to stock inventory or buy your own 3D manufacturing equipment
  • Direct shipping to you and your customers

Details & Requirements

  • Must have a Shapeways account
  • Free installation

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  • Shapeways




Externe kosten kan van toepassing zijn. Deze kosten worden gefactureerd door de externe provider en verschijnen niet op je Shopify-factuur.


2.9 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Sacred Geometrical

Considering that Shapeways is the best 3D printed jewellery manufacturer in the world, one might hope their app would be professionally made. However... unlike some better apps I have seen, the SW app does not connect your product descriptions and prices so that updating them on SW updates them on your Shopify store. You have top do that using a spreadsheet that you download and upload. I made the big mistake of using the SW app soon after they launched it when some details were not synched by the spreadsheet. Updating to the latest version of the app would overwrite many of my changes. Now I have to check every order that comes in to make sure the materials and item# are correct before manually confirming the order. If I accidentally misread something it is possible I could confirm a solid gold order instead of a gold plated order and stuff up my profit margins for a long time! It would be sooooo good if the SW description and price changes could be pushed automatically to Shopify as I have seen done (by SKYOU for instance). Apparently they do not consider Shopify store owners to be important enough, or else they are surprisingly technically incompetent. I give it 2 stars because it does the minimal connection an app like this can do really. It would be hard to build in less functionality and call it Shopify integration at all. As far as I know the app has not been updated in the last year or so.


SO excited to see this app work with Shopify. I've been 3D printing with Shapeways for years and they are the best.


This app is what I have been waiting for!
Now my customer can purchase products in my website and filling orders and shipping are done by Shapeways. It works seamlessly. Very easy to use and I am happy with the app so far.