ShareClips ‑ Videos That SELL!

ShareClips ‑ Videos That SELL!

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Shoppable Videos That Grab Attention & Social Proof & Go VIRAL

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Grab Your Customer's Attention

Showcase your products in amazing fashion! Simply upload your videos & automatically create a shoppable & shareable TikTok-style video link.

Get Your Products To Go VIRAL!

Boost sales w/ Social Proof! People can like & share your products right in your videos! Import product reviews & feature them as comments.

Perfect For Social Bios & SMS

A unique new way for customers to shop your store. Post a link instead of attaching a large video file, and promote your products anywhere!

Over ShareClips ‑ Videos That SELL!

Take advantage of the immensely popular short video frenzy. With ShareClips you can easily create and share shoppable videos that are sure to be a GAME CHANGER for your business!

No Coding Or Video Editing Required - Easy As 1-2-3

Simply upload your regular product videos and ShareClips converts them into a swipeable TikTok-style feed and generates your own unique link that can be shared everywhere. The beauty of this is (since there is no large video file attachment) you can use & share your links ANYWHERE - in your social media bios, posts, blogs, websites, email marketing, ads, YouTube descriptions, SMS text messages & more. The possibilities are endless!

Your Videos Are Completely Shoppable For A Seamless Buying Experience

Your customers will enjoy a seamless buying experience through your ShareClips video links. By clicking on the BUY button right on your product video, they will be automatically directed right to that product page on your Shopify store for easy checkout, all while letting you to still use any remarketing or upsell software that you have implemented on your store.

Use Your Links For Promotions, Holidays, New Product Releases & More

Another cool feature that we built into the app is the ability to edit your products’ titles and descriptions when creating your video, without changing the main product information already in your store. So you can always keep your video links’ content fresh and change them up for product promotions.

Option To Brand Your Videos With Your Logo

Upload your logo (or any image you want to use as a watermark on your video) so that your brand will be front and center on every video, which also helps to protect your content.

Get More Eyes On Your Products. Post Your Links Where Your Customers Already Hang Out!

The problem with just sending traffic to your website is getting customers to take the time to browse through all of your products. Now they can easily just swipe through your videos and when they see something they like, click on the BUY button and go right to your store & make the purchase!

With ShareClips You Get:

  • A unique new eye-catching way to market your products
  • A memorable link to post virtually anywhere
  • A shoppable Buy button right in your product video
  • An easy way to market in SMS text and email without large file attachments
  • A great mobile-optimized design w/integrated branding
  • Product reviews integrated as comments
  • The ability for people to like & share your content

Download ShareClips Now & Watch Your Sales Skyrocket!!!

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  • 1 Link
  • Up to 4 Products Per Link
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  • Fast CDN
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Ultimate Plan


  • 50 Links
  • Up to 20 Products Per Link
  • Unlimited Views
  • Analytics
  • Fast CDN
  • Reviews Integration

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