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Draw and configure custom delivery areas on a map

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Ship Sketch makes setting up geofenced delivery incredibly simple. To create a new delivery zone just draw the area you'd like on a map and then configure it's settings (price, title, description etc.). After that any customer who lives in the area will be presented with this new option at checkout.

This app is simple to install without any modification to your theme code. No developer expertise required.


  • Draw delivery areas on a map of any shape or size.
  • Set pricing and plan details per delivery area.
  • Use tags to only allow orders with certain products to be shipped in these delivery areas.
  • Draw smaller exclusion areas within a larger delivery area. This allows you to not deliver to certain pockets within the larger area.
  • Optional feature to allow customer's to drop a pin marking their location on a map at checkout. This is useful in countries without reliable address systems.

Shopify plan requirements

You will need a Shopify store that has third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates enabled. This feature is included on stores using the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.

It can also be added to any Shopify plan for a fee, or for free if you pay your plan annually. If you are unsure if you have this feature or need to add it please contact Shopify support.

Free trial mode never expires

No payment or subscription is required to install the app. It can be used in trial mode for as long as needed. When in trial mode you can setup all your delivery areas, getting everything just right before purchasing a plan. When in trial mode your customers will not see your delivery areas. Once you area ready purchase a plan to allow customers to start using these new delivery options.

7 day free trial after activating your plan

After purchasing a plan you will not be charged for 7 days to give you time to assess if this app will meet the needs of you and your customers.

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  • 1 delivery area
  • 2 delivery exclusion areas
  • 500 orders per month



  • 3 delivery areas
  • 6 delivery exclusion areas
  • Limit products per delivery area by tag
  • 1000 orders per month



  • 10 delivery areas
  • 20 delivery exclusion areas
  • Limit products per delivery area by tag
  • 2500 orders per month



  • 25 delivery areas
  • 50 delivery exclusion areas
  • Limit products per delivery area by tag
  • 5000 orders per month

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Heritage Hemp Foods Inc.

Was unfamiliar how to do a few things. Their tech support helped me thru all issues. App works great


I love this app. The custom map areas were exactly what we needed and we didn't find anything nearly as well designed and easy to use as ShipSketch. We needed local delivery zone pricing and it's perfect for that. Customer service and help when we needed it has been excellent. I almost rated it 4 instead of 5 stars for the following reasons, but reconsidered as these may be niche quibbles: With Shopify's now built-in Local Delivery feature, it would be nice if this could integrate with either Shopify's Shipping OR Local Delivery systems. As it is connected exclusively to the Shipping component, there are a lot of edits to make so that things look designed for "delivery" and not "shipping." It seems like that would be more automatic if we could turn on Shopify's Local Delivery rather than disguise the Shipping features. We would also like to see more control over the creation/editing of a map page. It works great but we'd love to see the ability to incorporate a map into a page as an element we could design around. Right now it's limited to adding content above the map unless you know some coding. We'd also love to be able to select shading colors for different polygons/areas we define and show a legend or something so clicking wasn't required. This would be especially helpful on mobile where the zone info popup, at least in our case, covers much of the map. All that said, I highly recommend this app. It does what it promises very well.

Wilderness Ranch

I cannot say enough good about this app! By far the easiest app for making shipping options work for local delivery! If you have not tried it yet, do yourself the favor. If your shipping perishable time sensitive products and your doing deliveries locally this is definitely the app for you! Like mentioned in other reviews you can split postal codes in half! Works awesome! I would highly recommend you try the app if you offer local delivery! Much Much easier then trying to configure postal codes! Now you can even display your delivery map on a page on your website! This is far better then any other app I have found and I have tried many! Support is excellent, quick to respond, very helpful and open to making it work better for individual applications. Just try it!