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4. desember 2023

ShipAid has proven to be a win-win for our customers and our business. We're able to offer a hassle-free delivery guarantee to all of our customers and it is funded by the revenue generated by ShipAid.

Stefan has been extremely helpful in getting everything set up on our site and he continues to check in to make sure everything is working as we'd like. We had a few custom requests up front and the ShipAid team was more than accommodating. I'd highly recommend ShipAid to any business looking to provide the best possible shipping experience to their customers.

Galactic Snacks
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
15. desember 2023

Really good and fast customer service, above and beyond to help. Thank you guys. great product!

2 måneder bruker appen
8. desember 2023

ShipAid has been a great addition to our website. Works as it should and the customer service team is super responsive.

SRQ Fabrications
3 måneder bruker appen
7. desember 2023

Fantastic addition to our store. Boosts conversion by giving both us and our customers the confidence in purchases. The team is also responsive and helpful through every step of the install and operation. Thank you ShipAid!

What is SNDR? - Premium Footwear, Made on Earth
22 dager bruker appen
2. desember 2023

This is a wonderful app. Stefan and his team provide an almost immediate response to questions. It integrates perfectly with Shopify and we couldn't be happier.

Just Art Pottery
14 dager bruker appen
27. februar 2024

Installed the app just to leave my experience. I've asked the app owner twice to remove from mailing list because I already have a custom insurance upsell coded in where I keep all revenue. Anyone looking to do this I suggest coding in your own solution. There's no reason to give spammy app owners a percentage of your hard earned sales.

VVS Jewelry
4 minutter bruker appen
26. oktober 2023

The app works! So simple. The team is also really helpful if I need help with something. Thankyou. Highly recommend.

Rude Rainbow
8 måneder bruker appen
19. september 2023

Finally, something that works right.
It is "our" shipping protection plan, and it is also a revenue generator. Read the description carefully, and you will find out what I mean.
Support is extra great.
Thank you

The Loomia
2 måneder bruker appen
28. juni 2023

I would definitely recommend ShipAid insurance. It's really easy to set up and use. The model makes a lot of sense for us and allows us to delight our customers by replacing defrosted packages quickly and easily...without costing us. That's a win-win! Plus the customer service is amazing!

Sena Sea
9 måneder bruker appen
27. april 2023

The app is great and seamless, and the team behind it is super supportive. Having your own managed package protection fund is the best way to go about this issue because you stay in charge of customer service. I highly recommend it.

6 måneder bruker appen