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19 de junho de 2024

It's been a good experience working with ShipBob. We had a lot of questions and received personalized support. From our sales contact, to our implementation specialist, to the Live Chat support, I've been able to get answers and resolve issues in a relatively quickly timeframe. Thanks ShipBob!

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
7 de junho de 2024

My onboarding experience with ShipBob has been mostly positive, largely thanks to my onboarding manager, Pramod Bora. From the very beginning, Pramod demonstrated excellent and fast communication, making the process smooth and efficient. Whenever an issue arose, it was resolved promptly, showcasing Pramod's commitment to providing top-notch service.

Pramod's explanations were clear and detailed, ensuring that I understood every aspect of the onboarding process. His attention to detail was impressive, catching and addressing potential issues before they became problems.

One of the standout aspects of Pramod's service was his extensive knowledge about Shopify. He skillfully navigated and resolved any issues that surfaced, making the integration seamless and stress-free.

Overall, my onboarding experience with ShipBob, guided by Pramod Bora, has been excellent. The combination of fast communication, quick issue resolution, thorough explanations, and deep Shopify expertise made for a smooth and successful onboarding process.

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2 meses usando o app
20 de maio de 2024

I know there are a lot of 3PL's to choose from, and we did our due diligence in researching quite a few. We decided to go with Shipbob for 2 main reasons, price and support. Shipbob's pricing is simple, straight forward and there are no hidden costs. But what really drew us to Shipbob was the communication. We had several calls to Richie Miller before pulling the trigger, but once we did Pramod Bora became our support point person and he has been very helpful, communicative and quick to respond to any correspondence. Wish I could give Shipbob more than 5 stars!!

Estados Unidos
24 dias usando o app
17 de abril de 2024

The process to move my e-commerce operations to ShipBob was far easier than I thought it would be. The onboarding was pretty straight forward, and the dashboard is extremely user friendly. Their platform updates immediately, I was really surprised and impressed with how fast it updates and syncs with whatever ecommerce host you use, we're on Shopify and it's a seamless integration. The SB team designated to get me onboarded has been absolutely fantastic, Pramod is so knowledgeable and helpful he's really made the transition pretty seamless. I can't recommend ShipBob enough.

To anyone who's even considering moving to a 3PL, just do it, sky is the limit and they're here to help get you there.

Kelley Baker Brows
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
28 de março de 2024

Logistics are hard, but we have had a great experience with Shipbob. They have been very responsive to our unique needs, the software works great, and the Shopify integration has been seamless.

What's more, there have been (and will be) some bumps in the road, but their customer service has been responsive and found a way to resolve issues quickly. I think they are a great company!

Data Visualization Society
Estados Unidos
11 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 17 de abril de 2024

We've been with ShipBob for a few years now and were quite happy in the beginning, but then as we began to expand globally we encountered an inventory syncing issue with Shopify Plus Markets. At first there didn't seem to be a solution and we were worried we'd have to leave ShipBob and find and alternative solution.

However, they really came through for us. Our account manager, Savi, and Simon from their dev team put together a custom solution to solve our integration problem. It took them some time and effort to develop and test the solution, but it has made our life so much easier and we're super stoked to be staying with ShipBob now that our integration issues are solved.

They really came through for us in the end. In fact, they came through for us in the beginning too. When we first came to ShipBob it was a rush onboarding because our current 3PL at the time had just sold to another company and it was a total gong show. We needed to get rehomed fast and ShipBob managed to onboard us fast when we really needed it.

I would highly recommend ShipBob. They have been awesome for us.

GoDark Bags
Quase 4 anos usando o app
28 de março de 2024

Shipbob is far easier to connect than other fulfillment services i have tried, and they are allways quick with support if you have trouble.
Its the most user friendly fulfillment partner you can choose in my opinion. I need to mention a special thanks to our integration specialist Malika Paul, who were amazing to work with!

Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
21 de maio de 2024

Great solution for fulfillment.

Know Yourself
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
5 de março de 2024

It works great easy to integrate and works smoothly without any interventions from our team, Ankit was great help in onboarding us to Shipbob App on Shopify

Estados Unidos
7 meses usando o app
16 de maio de 2024

Top notch. Happy with the implementation procedures.

Haupt Lakrits
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app