Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment

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Awesome Amazon Shipping

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Sync inventory from Amazon FBA

Enables mapping of SKUs and keep updated about stock status so all the orders are fulfilled automatically.

Process Orders to Fulfillment

Orders for fulfillment are directed to respective Amazon Marketplaces

Track the status of Shipment

Tracking and sending notification about status of shipment by Amazon

Auto Multi‑channel Fulfillment 정보

Seamless Inventory/Order Management

Amazon inventory and Shopify order sync for faster fulfillment and real-time visibility into inventory-order management.

Effortless Fulfillment of Orders

Fulfill and ships order from Amazon FBA automatically without any need of repetitive login and manual data feeding

Shipping Status Notification

Notifies a customer by mail about status of a shipment, fulfilled by Amazon and sent out for delivery

About Auto Multi-Channel Fulfillment for Effortless Shopify Order Fulfillment and Management

A complete fulfillment app for effortless Shopify order fulfillment, shipping, delivery and management through Amazon FBA. The app offering rapid and automated sync of Shopify orders information with item details at Amazon inventory makes the order fulfillment and shipping process more faster, accurate and efficient, that is not possible with manually sharing order details with Amazon FBA for using Amazon MCF services Powered with immense Scalability features, the app is immense useful for a growing store fulfilling its Shopify orders without any wait time with improved customer satisfaction, productivity and sales

Features of the App

Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment App, a powerful tool to get Shopify orders to be fulfillment by Amazon FBA without losing time in manual data sharing. The major features of the app making it efficient and faster are:

Amazon Marketplace App-store Approved App

The App is approved on Amazon Market Place App store and hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud server.

Automated Fulfillment

The app syncs item detail from Amazon inventory and order info from Shopify and then send mapped SKU details to be fulfilled by Amazon MCF.

Order Management

By importing fulfillment details from Amazon inventory the app informs a seller about an order status to be accepted, pending, rejected and others

Inventory Management

Syncs items from Amazon as well as Shopify for linked and unlinked SKUs to avoid order cancellation and out-of-stock situation

Bundle Mapping

Maps item SKU between Shopify and Amazon for bundle mapping for festive occasions, discounts and combo offers which enhances cart value.

Real-time Data Visibility

Reports order sync status for the day, week, last one month, total sync and unsync orders

Tracking Notifications

Sends notification to Shopify admin for shipping, unmapped SKUs and partial fulfillment


Add Amazon marketplace according to geographical location in addition to default marketplace.

Shows Amazon Shipping Speeds

The app shows all Amazon Shipping speeds and default shipping speed according to a customer’s order.

This app has evolved with time and you get 5000+ hours of focussed evolved Enterprise grade application with a 16+ years in Business company.


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Free Plan


  • Trial plan: limited to total 50 orders
  • Full implementation support
  • Amazon Marektpalce Appstore listed app

Starter Plan


  • For sellers with less then 100 order a month
  • First month money back offer
  • Amazon Marektpalce Appstore listed app

Basic Plan


  • For sellers with less then 1000 orders a month and 1000 SKUs listed
  • First month money back offer
  • Amazon Marektpalce Appstore listed app

Advanced Plan


또는 연당 $410 로 $34.17/월 청구

  • For High Volume sellers, orders more then 1000 a month and listed SKUs more then 1000
  • First month money back offer

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.
** 월별 혹은 사용자 기반 청구를 포함한 반복 청구 금액은 30일 마다 청구됩니다.

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Organic Signatures

Prashant is very helpful. I highly recommend getting started. It was super easy to set up with their live help.

IWON organics - I'm Winning on Nutrition™

The app is very user-friendly and efficient. We will begin using it very soon. Prashant and his team were very helpful in assisting us with the setup process.


Love the app. It makes Amazon fulfillment so much easier. The auto tag feature is great to sort out the orders. The support team is very helpful!