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31. Dezember 2023

love the app also the UI is very user friendly and easy to use

Marca Deals
4 monate mit der App
19. Oktober 2023

Phenomenal product. Great out of the box delivery solution for both local businesses and delivery companies. Extremely intuitive design, seamless integration with Shopify. Responsive support.

Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
5. Oktober 2023

The team is lovely and they mean well, but the app is not at the level. I couldn't rely on its solutions for my business. All it did was causing more issues.

Lior Bakery
Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
Shipday hat geantwortet 8. Oktober 2023

Hi There, we really tried to help you over the phone and explained the issue. So, we are sorry to see this feedback.

The issue was not due to any technical problem with the App, but a wrong settings for the intended use.

You had set up auto-dispatch to 3rd party delivery services on the app, but when you cancel an order, you didn't mark it as failed/delivered. And the order got reassigned automatically to 3rd party services again. We helped you over the phone to fix it.

Although your experience is unexpected but it is not due to any technical reliability issue of our App.

4. Dezember 2022

This app is very helpful for those who engage their own delivery drivers. It will help improve communication with customers. Highly recommended!

Joyce Florist SG
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
17. November 2020

Great app! It was easy to install. Looks like it will help with my local deliveries. We are excited to start our local delivery.

BlueJay Avenue
Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
Shipday hat geantwortet 27. Dezember 2020

Thanks a lot for your review.

29. Dezember 2021

Very easy and straight forward to use. No need to set up, only regester an account on their platform and get an api code on my account page. Then you are ready to go! I should have known this app way earlier!

8 monate mit der App
20. Juni 2022

Install is a breeze and they've been VERY responsive when I've reached out to them on a few questions. Highly recommended.

Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
28. April 2023

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3 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 26. Dezember 2020

Thank you for fixing my issue with the tracking email. App is working good and support has helped me greatly!

Pack Turtle
Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
Shipday hat geantwortet 20. Dezember 2020

Hi, we are extremely sorry that you are facing troubles. Can you please reach out to us from your Shipday account email at with the subject line "Shopify Support"? We searched for your message but could not find it. We are eagerly waiting for your message and can you please elaborate the issue you are facing? Thanks.

Bearbeitet am 15. Februar 2021

The service is amazing it has helped me retain more customers. love order tracking feature!!!!!!!!!!

Harford Road Liquors
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
Shipday hat geantwortet 20. Dezember 2020

Hi, from the order data sent by Shopify we can identify whether an order is paid in cash or else. So if in an order it says that, payment method "CASH", it means "Cash on Delivery (COD)". Otherwise for ONLINE (Paypal, Neteller etc.) or Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard), in Shipday we are simply putting N/A (or empty) which indicates the carrier (delivery personnel) does not require to pickup the order price while delivering.

And about the first issue (order notes), we are discussing with the Shopify partners as the order notes are not sent from Shopify. We know about the issue and are trying our best to settle it down. Thanks. Hope it comes helpful for you.