Local Delivery Dispatch

Local Delivery Dispatch


Fast local delivery dispatch and tracking with route planning

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Easy-to-use tracking dashboard

All-in-one, easy delivery dispatch. See locations of your local delivery orders on integrated map, plan routes and dispatch to drivers.

Mobile App for drivers

Your drivers will have all the information they need to make quick and easy deliveries.If something changes, it’s easy to adjust on the fly.

Real-time delivery tracking

Customers can easily track their delivery with a live map and ETA. Customers get notified via SMS.

有關 Local Delivery Dispatch

Enable fast and efficient local deliveries for your online store with Shipday.

Easy web and mobile apps to plan and manage deliveries using your own drivers with live tracking and SMS notifications.

No drivers? No problems.

We have built-in connections with popular on-demand delivery services like DoorDash Drive and Uber in the United States. You can use 3rd party services on-demand from Shipday to offer fast local deliveries from your store.

It’s great for fast on-demand local deliveries like restaurant delivery, ultra fast (less than 30 mins) grocery or convenience deliveries along with other local retail deliveries. Shipday also has a very fast and powerful visual route planning and optimization tool for scheduled deliveries like prepared meals, or flower deliveries etc.

Ideal use cases

  • Restaurant delivery
  • 15 mins grocery/convenience delivery
  • Meal-prep deliveries
  • Flower shops
  • Bakeries
  • Local business deliveries

We want to make it easy for your business to offer local delivery services so that you can grow your online sales without any limits.

Manage every order from one easy-to-use dashboard

  • Simple, easy to use dashboard with Google Maps
  • Real-time driver location tracking
  • Manage both On-demand or Scheduled orders
  • Easily create route clusters on the map and optimize delivery stops.
  • Add and remove drivers based on your need
  • Detail report on all transactions - Go paperless.

Mobile app for drivers

Your drivers will have all the information they need to make quick and easy deliveries. If something changes or they need to reroute, it’s easy to adjust on the fly.

With the Shipday driver app, your drivers can see: - Their delivery queue - Pickup and delivery addresses - Order details - Maps and navigation - Contact numbers and delivery instructions - Space to provide proof of delivery (picture and signature)

Real-time delivery tracking for customers

Keep your customers in the loop with live order tracking and an up-to-the-minute ETA. They can also see information about their driver, and have the option to contact them if something has changed or they have a question.

After delivery, customers will get delivery confirmation SMS and Email, and they’ll be able to rate their delivery with just a few taps.




$0.10 per completed order in US and Canada, $0.06 per completed order + SMS cost for rest of the world.

4.0 5 顆星


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Madras Gourmet

We tried using this app for our store as we do local delivery by ourselves. The app didn't work out of the box. We ran into multiple issues. When we tried to get support inspite of sending emails, there was no response at all. Was just a waste of time on our end. Better to stay away from this app and save yourself sometime!



Sorry to hear your trouble. We tried to contact you back several times, could not reach you. We are happy to help you set up if you need any help. Please send us a quick note at support@shipday.com. We usually get back within few hours

Pack Turtle

Thank you for fixing my issue with the tracking email. App is working good and support has helped me greatly!



Hi, we are extremely sorry that you are facing troubles. Can you please reach out to us from your Shipday account email at support@shipday.com with the subject line "Shopify Support"? We searched for your message but could not find it. We are eagerly waiting for your message and can you please elaborate the issue you are facing? Thanks.

Harford Road Liquors

The service is amazing it has helped me retain more customers. love order tracking feature!!!!!!!!!!



Hi, from the order data sent by Shopify we can identify whether an order is paid in cash or else. So if in an order it says that, payment method "CASH", it means "Cash on Delivery (COD)". Otherwise for ONLINE (Paypal, Neteller etc.) or Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard), in Shipday we are simply putting N/A (or empty) which indicates the carrier (delivery personnel) does not require to pickup the order price while delivering.

And about the first issue (order notes), we are discussing with the Shopify partners as the order notes are not sent from Shopify. We know about the issue and are trying our best to settle it down. Thanks. Hope it comes helpful for you.