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Your instant plug-in fulfillment solution for Switzerland/EU

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Setup within 5 days

Thanks to standardized processes, our fulfillment solution is ready for use within 5 days – faster than your goods are in our warehouse

Scale as you grow

No minimum quantity & flexible storage space matching your needs – whether you are just starting out or already established in the market.

Full transparency

While you manage your growth, we take care of your shipments and with our dashboard you’ll never lose track of your operations.

Over ShipDirect

ShipDirect supports more than 150 merchants in Switzerland and the EU with professional and affordable fulfillment services. Whether you’re about to launch your first store or are on the way to your 100,000th order, we are just what you’ve been looking for.

How it works?

  • Download your ShipDirect app from the Shopify app store
  • Get your quote by contacting us
  • Connect your shop by entering your credentials in the app which you will get from us during your onboarding
  • Send over your products, which will immediately be stored for you
  • From the first moment, incoming orders will automatically pop up in our system
  • We pick, pack and send the orders with your preferred carrier, you can track their status
  • Incoming returns are qualified and ready for sale within 24 hours

Sounds easy? Because it is!

Here is what you’ll no longer have to worry about as we will take care of it for you:

Receipt of goods

  • Checking of incoming goods in terms of quantity
  • Automatic registration of geodata of all articles (upon request)
  • Confirmation of receipt


  • Packing ordered items
  • Shipping and return labelling
  • Size-optimized packing based on geodata


  • Hand-over to selected carrier
  • Late orders with next-day delivery (4:00 pm)


  • Receipt of returns
  • Quality assessment
  • Restoring


  • Individualization through branded packaging and inserts


In order to use ShipDirect you need to enter into an agreement with MS Direct AG. You will receive your account information and complete a simple onboarding process.

Product verification

All active products are automatically synchronized with ShipDirect. Inactive products (e.g. items recently added to the assortment that are not yet to be shown in the shop) can be added manually. ShipDirect displays the status of each product and variant.

Order verification

When synchronizing orders, all orders are checked for missing information. Incomplete orders will be marked and can be corrected manually. By default, all orders are synchronized regardless of their financial status (adaptable). Branding Merchant logo and address can always be updated.


Synchronization of products, stock levels and orders happen automatically and can be set to different intervals (30 minutes, 1 hour, daily, weekly). Additionally, some information can be synchronized manually (transfer of products, orders).

Shipping methods

Merchants can assign the shipping methods from their shop to the available shipping methods offered by ShipDirect.



Gratis te installeren

We bill for orders shipped, storage, receiving inventory, number of returns and others. Contact:

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We use this app on a daily basis. It's incredibly straightforward and has a great interface. The team was very supportive to set everything up and they are always open for feedback and questions. Totally recommend!