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  • Improve Conversion Rates: Take control of your in-cart shipping prices at an item and order level to drive purchases
  • Reduce Your Shipping Costs: Leverage our marketplace of carriers to get the lowest costs
  • Post-Purchase Experience: Hosted tracking pages or on-page widgets means customers always know where their orders are

At ShipHawk, we're helping retailers save time, money, and improve the entire shipping experience from cart-to-customer. Whether you need more control over your in-cart rating, access to more diverse carrier network or feature rich APIs to dial in your customer buying experience, ShipHawk is right for you. Get started for free, and learn what it's all about.

Feature Overview

  • Real-time Rating: By leveraging the ShipHawk platform, retailers can access real-time rating at a product or order level. Retailers can use ShipHawk's rating engine to provide transparent, marked up, subsidized, flat or free shipping rates so that they can control the in-cart experience by balancing margin protection with cart conversion.

  • Online and Offline Flexibility: Orders are synchronized in real time between ShipHawk and Shopify. Shipments can be booked automatically via API or manually post purchase through the ShipHawk web portal.
  • Full Post-Order Automation: Automate your back office processing from rating and booking to dispatch, tracking, reconciliation and returns.
  • Centralized Visibility at a Retailer: All shipments are viewable in a centralized dashboard giving both operations and customer service a single point from which to track and manage all shipments and exceptions.

  • Carrier Flexibility / “Future-Proofing”: The ShipHawk platform makes it easy to introduce alternative carriers into your supply chain to optimize for cost, reduce damages and access providers with faster transit times.

  • Email Tracking Details to Buyers: As orders are fulfilled, tracking information is pulled into Shopify so that Customers can access tracking numbers and carrier tracking URLs.
  • On-Brand Tracking: Enterprise customers also leverage our branded tracking page. Retailers have the ability to give their buyers a consistent tracking experience, including freight and white glove delivery providers. Although it is not part of our default Shopify App functionality, ShipHawk customers also benefit from powerful APIs and other tools - like our tracking widget - that they can leverage to provide on-brand tracking experiences. Retailers have the ability to give their buyers a consistent tracking experience, no matter which carrier is providing the service. ShipHawk tracking creates "FedEx-like" tracking milestones and events for all carriers - including freight providers.
  • Send Email Tracking Links Details to Buyers: Enterprise customers using the Branded Tracking page can also use ShipHawk to email the tracking page to their buyers as orders are fulfilled. The shipment tracking information is emailed directly so that Customers can access tracking information on demand.

  • Shipping Intelligence: By aggregating your shipping data in a central location, we can help you better understand carrier performance, margin implications, and opportunities for operational improvements. Give us a call to learn more about our different plans.

Quick Start

  1. Sign Up: The first step is signing up for a ShipHawk account. Feel free to get started with our Starter package, or call us to find the right offering for your business.
  2. Connect: Install ShipHawk with your preferred eCommerce Solution
  3. Configure: Setup your products, add rating rules and shipping policies to align with your business needs.
  4. Launch: Go Live with ShipHawk! Take control over your shipping margins from cart-to-customer.
  5. Ship: Leverage ShipHawk to fulfill your orders no matter how big or small.
  6. Analyze: The more you process with ShipHawk, the more insights we can drive to your and your business. Learn more about our different plans today.

  • NOTE: To enable ShipHawk in-cart rating, you must have the third-party calculated rates feature for your Store. More information about this Shopify feature can be found here.
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    The ShipHawk app fits our needs, intuitive to use and the ShipHawk team provides amazing customer support. They work hard to go above and beyond.

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